Friday, November 17, 2017

Where is Your Faith?

I Love You, Dad.  I started this post back on July 22, but couldn't get anything written other than those four words.  It is what was in my heart.  Oh, there were more feelings and thoughts, but only those four words could be expressed out loud.  

On June 30 my father, Ronald David Wagner, stepped out of this earthly plain and into Heaven's.  In December, we will lay him to "rest."  I know he is in a better place and suffering no longer, but I'm not.  On that day I became an "orphan" of sorts.  He was 82.  My mother traveled her journey from this world back in 1985 when she was just 47.  I miss him.  I miss hearing him say, "Well, hello Kelly.  How are you doing?" 

In April, my dear mother-in-law also journeyed "Home."  One day we were planning our schedule and deciding our trip to see them and the next day....the phone rang.  "Dad called an ambulance for mom," Randy's sister said on the other end, "and you know he would never do that.  I'm headed over there now."  There was no time for one last hug from her.

I am sorry to admit that when I used to hear of people's aged loved ones passing, I thought it sad, but inevitable and didn't really think their grief would be as poignant or devastating.  I was w-r-o-n-g.  Losing a loved one is never easier.  It is never the right time.

Today our dear friends bury their 23-year-old son.  Since hearing of his death on Sunday, I have felt a deep sadness.  Sadness for this young man's family.  Sadness for myself.  Our own son was 24 when a car accident took his life 14 years ago.  

Death is hard....always.  It doesn't matter the person's age, status, or wealth.  If they were loved, it is hard.  We, the living, must go on.  There are those around us who would be grieved if we didn't keep going.  The only thing that really matters is what or rather WHO our faith is grounded in.  

On Sunday morning our pastor preached an excellent sermon.  I knew I needed it as soon as he started preaching, "Where Is Your Faith?"  Jesus asked his disciples this question in the middle of the storm.  The pastor's parting words that morning were, "The ship won't sink and the storm will pass."  The only requirement for them was to stay in the ship with The ONE who calms the seas.  

Let me ask you, where is your faith?

Friday, January 27, 2017

I'm a Cherished Lady

Let's start our own "march" where we don't have to leave home, scream like idiots, or trash America's streets!  In response to "I'm a Nasty Woman" and Ashley Judd : The "I'm a cherished lady!" virtual  march!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

At the foot of the Mountains of Ararat!

Oh the beauty that is Armenia! The country, the history, the heritage, but most importantly --the PEOPLE! Amidst the beauty of the mountains, lakes, trees, green hills, blue skies, it has been the Armenian people that captivate my heart and thoughts.

Gracious,  friendly, hospitable, kind, and giving, are just a few of the words I would use to describe them. Most have had a harder life than I could ever imagine and yet they open their hearts to us.

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!!

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Monday, December 7, 2015

A Short Stop in Amsterdam!

Every year on the way back from India, we try to make a stop on the return flights route.  This year our itinerary flew us through Amsterdam.  Neither one of us have been to this city, so we planned a two night stop.  The Lord provided us a lovely room with a beautiful view.  The weather however, did not cooperate.  It was rainy, cold, and rainy.  Did I mention rainy???  We had just come from India where it was warm, sunny, smoky, and dry!  Also, we had neglected to pack clothing for the weather in Amsterdam.  Our plane landed at 730 a.m. and we found our shuttle to the hotel quite easily.  There was a break in the clouds in the afternoon and we took advantage of this and the terrific tram system.  I would have loved to ride one of the millions of bikes, but the temperature was not conducive enough for me!  We were able to work through some of our jet lag before boarding the plane and arriving back in Ohio the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving!
View from our room.
Bicycle is the preferred mode of travel here.
Even though it was winter, the flower market was breathtaking!
Lovely narrow streets!
Found a true kindred spirit as we walked the streets!
The main shopping square
Their Central Station
More bikes
The Palace
Even more bikes!
I'm smiling, but my toes are numb and I just barely jumped out of the bike path in time!
The life saving tram system of Amsterdam!

Goodnight, Amsterdam!