Saturday, November 28, 2009

God's Grace

Grace Upon Grace

Like the ocean and waves ever sweeping the shore
To His children come the grace of the Lord
And like a mighty sea so deep and so wide
His grace to us seems an endless supply.

Grace upon grace like the waves on the shore
Always enough, always more
Grace upon grace like the waves on the shore
All that we need is ours from the Lord.

In daylight or midnight, the waves touch the shore
One or another they faithfully pour
Summer or winter can never subside
and so the gracious Father provides.

Many years ago I heard this song sung by Dr. Curtis Hutson's daughters.  I loved the harmony and soothing sound of the song.  The words were beautiful, but I never fully understood how true they portray the Grace of our loving Father in Heaven.  Then one day as I stood by the ocean here in Okinawa watching the waves crash on to the shore, the Lord brought this song back to my mind.  My husband had survived cancer, I had had two tumors removed from my body, and the Lord had called our son home to Heaven.  Each trial the Lord allowed in our lives brought a new wave of His grace.  It never stops.  Just like the waves of the ocean, sometimes His grace comes in huge waves that stir up the sand and dredge the debris off the bottom of the ocean.  At other times His grace comes in a little wave that slowly smooths the rough footprints on the sandy beach. 

A couple of months ago I found a lump in my breast.  As many of us women do, I thought it would go away.  After a month I decided to go to the doctor.  Thus began my journey with breast cancer.  I had a mammogram and the radiologist graded it as "definitely probable" for cancer.  The doctor who ordered the mammogram referred me to another hospital at this point.  I met with the surgeon on November 16, and he orderd a needle biopsy and ultrasound.  The radiologist found 2 tumors in my left breast and biopsied them both.  Last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, the doctor told us that both tumors were malignant and ordered blood work, a  CAT scan, and a core needle biopsy.  Praise the Lord the scan and blood showed that the cancer had not spread.  However, the scan also showed two swollen lymph nodes and a third mass near the back of the left breast next to the muscle.  He told me on Friday that I am going to need a full mastectomy.  On December 2, we will find the result of the core needle biopsy.  It will tell us the exact name of the cancer and about the hormone receptors.  I believe that the battle is the Lords!

In the coming months, you may check back periodically to see if there are any updates.  When I am not able to type, Christa, our daughter, will take over that duty.  Thank you for all of the prayers, emails, and phone calls.  I appreciate all of them.  They are part of God's wonderful ocean of grace!