Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday in Okinawa

Baby Aaliyah and I singing before
the baptism.
She's my little angel!

My wonderful husband baptizing
Br. Joey.  Br. Russell led him to the
Lord after the service
and he wanted to get baptized
because he was leaving this week.

My hubby, Br. Stewart (Aaliya's daddy),
Br. Joey, and Br. Russell.

This is Miranda and I!
I had the privilege to tell her
about my Saviour after the
service!!  He is now her wonderful

"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD."  Psalm 122:1
We had a wonderful morning in church.  2 saved, 1 baptized!! 

We had 3 single guys and 1 geographical bachelor over for lunch today.  I try to cook every week.  These guys just LOVE home cooking and I LOVE cooking for people who LOVE eating!  Today we had a delicious corn beef brisket that the Lord provided through one of our very thoughtful families.  This was my first time cooking one in the crock pot and it turned out wonderful!  The guys ate all the molasses, oat bread I made!  They do everyweek.  Now, I am sitting here while hubby studies and one of our young Navy corpsmen rests on the couch.

I have a hair appointment for Tuesday.  My hairdresser is going to cut it off to just above the shoulders.  She doesn't want to, but it will all be off my head in a couple of months anyway.  This will make it much easier for me while I am in the hospital and bathing will be restricted.

Well, that is all for now.  Just wanted you all to know what a wonderful day we have had so far.  I need to take a nap as by the afternoon, I am wiped out!!!!  God bless and may He give you all a wonderful Sunday also!


HOPE said...

Praise be to God...I spoke with Alison and she shared with me the WONDERFUL salvation news!

Wow..that dinner sounded awesome! I'll have to get that recipe(s).

I bet you will still look lovely with your new "do". It will make it easier for you.

Our Pastor spoke of you today (for me) and said encouraging words for you and asked for prayers especially during this week to come. His heart is deeply touched by your need.

God bless you with a good week!

Hugs and lots of love,

Tori said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day in God's House!

The hair thing is sad, but who knows, maybe it'll come back better than ever before. I have always heard that when it all falls out and then comes back that many people have totally different hair after wards.

Okay I know that's not any sort of encouragement, but if the truth be known, I'm not sure how to turn that into something positive. I'm trying.

I'm praying for ya!