Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christa: Just checking in

Hi everybody! This is Christa, the amazing daughter of Kelly
Johnson! :) Just kidding! I am just checking to see how this works for
tomorrow when mom is in surgery. Have a great day and I will keep you
all updated.

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Aubrey said...

Hi Kelly, I am Alison's sister, Aubrey...just wanted to let you know that you have been in my prayers daily! I know God has and will continue to use you greatly during your trial. May He bless you with renewed strength of mind and body each new day.

God bless~Aubrey

Nancy M. said...

My prayers are with you Kelly. Christa your a great daughter! lv-Mrs. Musser

HOPE said...

Christa...I think you ARE pretty amazing..after all your mom said you had dinner ready when they got home today!!! LOL... are amazing as you help your parents fulfill so much in the ministry there...stand by their sides...and a lovely obedient daughter.Praise GOD for young women like you!!! God bless you as well with strength, courage and ...the ability to take care of your dad! ;)

God bless you all..
Alison and Aubrey's MOM!

Angie H. said...

Dear Kelly, We are far away but please know that here in the states my husband Brent and I are praying for you. I was sobbing remembering when you drove me to the hospital in chicago when Brent was going through all his medical things and how much you were there for my family but for me especially. I, love you Kelly and I am praying earnestly for your recovery. Love, Angie Hiles

HOPE said...

I AM on winter break! BUT not for you and prayer!!! and letting the WOLRD know you need us to PRAY!

God grant you the rest you need and comfort.


Nancy M. said...

Still in my thoughts and prayers m.