Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Going Home!!

You read the title right!!! Kelly was a very good girl and they took
the drain out yesterday!! Now comes the hard part! Using my arm and
all those muscles and tendons they cut.

I was up at 5:30 am as usual! Showered, blow dried my hair and got my
things together. Randy will be here in a little bit. He is taking
Christa to school so he can take me home in the car. The van is just
too rough.

Have a wonderful evening in the States and a great day ig you're in
our part of the world!!!

Kelly Anne


Nancy M. said...

I cant believe your going home! Good for you...You have many there who love you..take care my friend. Ladies from our circle prayed for
you today.

Dave said...

Praise the Lord, you are going home. Wow God is awesome!!! We are praying for you.
The Burrow Family

Tori said...

Yea Kelly!!! I bet you are so ready to go home. Praying that you heal up really fast and aren't in too much pain.
Hope this is the best Christmas ever for you!!

James said...

Miss Kelly, my wife Coleen and I have been praying for you. God's grace is indeed sufficient! God Bless you and we pray this is your best Christmas ever!

mommabugs said...

I was very glad to hear you were able to go home. Hope you are resting and continuing to recover well. We love you and are still praying for you!
Carol and Kyleigh

Mary Russell said...

Hi Kelly!
Praise the Lord that you are doing so well. It's always good to be going home! We're praying for you every day,

Love from Lakeview
The Russells

Grace said...

I'm soooo happy that you get to go home. You are in our prayer.
LOVE, Megumi

Paula Micheal said...

Kelly, I've been without internet since 2 days after our car wreck. I'm so happy to hear your going home and that your doing better. Praying for you friend.

Love ya,

Sharon said...

Dearest beautiful Kelly Anne,
We are so sorry to hear about the pain, but are thrilled that you get to be in your own home again!
Of course we know you are blessing to everyone in the hospital...leave it to you to help others while you are practically dying! ha ha I can hear that contagious laugh right now!
Love you,