Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Morning

Good Morning once again! Had a rough one last night. Yesterday I went to adjust the collar on my new pjs and lifted my left arm too far too fast!!! Almost passed out from the pain!! Caused me problems all night, but today will be better.

Yesterday they gave me a roomie who has a kidney infection. She goes home today. She is twenty and is in the picture below. Asari is her name. I was able to give her mom and her a tract. We used the Japanese translator on my phone to help. Please pray they will visit our services or the Gardners' special services for Christmas. The Gardner Family has been here for over 30 years and have planted several churches.

Also, I met a lady while walking around the nurses station. She had a big surgery last wednesday and is in a private room. She is lonely so I stopped and picked her up on my way around yesterday morning. The nurses thought it was cute. Pray that somehow I can witness to her. Her name is Rika. She speaks no English.

Have a good day and rememeber that God Is good ALL the time!!


HOPE said...

Oh what a blessing to hear about Ricco....I know the LORD put your paths together. And the young woman Asari. The LORD indeed is good ALL the time.. I have a favorite song by a friend titled..
God doeth all things well..AMEN.

I'm sorry to hear of your we take for granted our day to day simple task like adjusting our own collar! It'll take time I guess to realize your limitations for the time.

I will surely be prayings for these two I've prayed all along for the witnessing at this time..and place.

God bless you with a GOOD DAY!

Nancy M. said...

You are amazing! In your own pain yet reaching out to others in Gods love and grace....I prayed for Ricco
this morning and the lady who walked with you and you my friend...take

Tessa said...


It not surprising to see you doing the Lord's work every chance you get and trying to win one for HIM! You continue to be such a Godly inspiration to me through your testimony -- I just love you! I'm praying that your pain will subside soon and that you will begin to heal so you can continue this fight!