Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I believe to see!

I am writing this from school as my students do their seat work. I have GREAT young men in my class. Please pray that the Lord allows me to continue this part of the ministry.

Well, Dec 18 the doctor might have a cancelation, if not I will be having surgery on Jan 5.

Yesterday was a long day and I made it through. A little weary, but praise the Lord for His strength.

I have invasive ductal carcinoma. Looks like the axillary lymph nodes in my left arm have the cancer also. They found a lymph node in my neck and a spot on my lung they will be watching. Dr thinks not metastisis. Radiology thinks is. The Lord knows and in His time we will know. I am at stage IIb, at least for now. The main tumor is a grade 3. They also found 5 more masses. We knew about two of them, but not the other three. For those who know, my HER2 is a score of 3+. My ER is + and my PR is -. This has to do with hormones.

I will have chemo and once the nodes are checked to be sure, I will also have radiation. I praise the Lord for the doctor He gave me. Continue to pray for healing and especially that Dr Ueda will be saved through this.

I am saying with David, "I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.". I believe to see!!!!!

Kelly Anne


HOPE said... are such an insiration to me! Your cheerful voice touched my heart when talking to you and knowing so much about your condition at the same time. GOD will do a wonderful work in you, I know. Truly the verse of David will come to pass...Good always comes from the work of the LORD in our lives..and this being out of your indeed in HIS.

This doctor was such an answer to prayer! He will definetly SEE Christ in YOU the hope of Glory!

Please know you are continually in not only my prayers..but my heart and thoughts.

God grant you the peace that passeth all understanding...and HE will.

love with a hug..

Tori said...

I found you through Hope's blog and my heart goes out to you. I can't even begin to say I understand but I can sympathize and PRAY.
I'm also a missionary so I can relate in that way. Your spirit though this is remarkable. There you sit with cancer and you're concerned with your doctor's soul. How lucky he is to have had you walk into his office.

As I read about you and the loss of your son and now this cancer I can truly see that you trust God and obviously he trusts you. He'll put nothing on us that we're not strong enough to stand, and it seems that you're a pretty strong lady.

I'll be praying for you and your family. For hands as big as His, this cancer is a small thing.

I'll be back!

HOPE said...

AMEN for Tori's comment!

I just listened to that song I Believe to See.. I had never heard it before...

What a lovely and powerful song! No wonder you chose this title!!

God bless you Kelly...HUGS


Dear Kelly, I found you also through Hope, my good friend.

I know that I do not have words that can be of much help to you but it sounds like you have all the help that is really needed. The Lord Jesus Christ is our great Physican and He can make our lives what He wants them to be. We surrendered even that to Him, when when we were saved.

I had a Pastor once when I had a meligant Melanoma give me a plaque that said, "God never panics." I see that trait in you. As His child, I am sure that He will give you all that you need. I know from losing your son that you are not new to facing and having victory over the hard things of life and I am sure that You will be all that Christ would have you to be dear, Kelly. For one thing your mind is on the salvation of your Doctor and because of that you will let the Lord shine through you.

On those days when you feel things beginning to crowd in, just look up and remember the things of earth grow strangely dim in the light of His love and Grace. He will give you all the grace that you need. I don't know you but I already love you! Your life has impacted mine by just reading about you and your love and trust in the Lord.

I will probably never meet you here on this earth but in heaven you and I will meet. We will know each other by the smiles on our faces. God bless you my dear. connie

If you would ever like to visit my blog, you are more than welcome. Is is

It has been so nice visiting with you and getting to know you.connie from Texas

ConnecticutYankee said...

Mrs. Vapreszan forwarded us your first email about your biopsy, and we have been praying. Yes, it seems like there is a lot of this cancer stuff going on! God knows.
We will continue to pray. Philippians 1:19 and 20 are verses that inspired me greatly in a major time of trial in my life; it's not about us, it's all about glorifying Christ, and it sounds like you are aiming for that in your trial! God bless you!
Sharon Kaighen
Lighthouse Baptist Church
Norwalk, CT

Virginia Harris said...

Kelly...Psalm 27:13 & 14 were the verses that meant so much to me especially in those days right after my accident and even still today! Praying for you!

k.secord said...

Kelly, Randy, & Christa,
Praying and Believe to see your complete healing with creative miracle in every cell.
The anointing will be so strong when you sing this song from here on out, that many will run to the Lord.
Love Kim and Bill