Friday, December 11, 2009

Language Barriers

First of all I would like to thank you all for all of your prayers. It
is such a comfort to know that we aren't going through this alone.

Mom is okay, but could be a lot better. She said she rested pretty
well though the night, but she is still in quite a bit of pain.

There was a language barrier problem concerning pain medication, but
they are working it all out right now...hopefully.

Please continue to pray for mom that the pain will subside, that she
can get good rest, and that the recovery time will be swift.
Hopefully next time she will be able to put in a short post herself. :-)

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HOPE said...

Thank you Christa. This has been my prayer since the surgery was complete..for the pain to follow.

I'll be looking forward to a post from her!

Still praying!!

God bless

Nancy M. said...

So happy for the news....I almost feel as if I was right there. Your mom is a real trooper and full of GRACE!
Continuing to pray...thank you for
your updates.
lv-mrs. musser

Dave said...

Thank you Christa for the updates. We will keep on praying for your mom. I hope she will get her well needed rest to help with her recovery.
The Burrow Family

Tori said...

Give her a hug for me! Let her know that I'm praying and she was mentioned in our Wednesday night prayer meeting here in Croatia.