Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Do!

Well, my ladies are a little worried about their anonymity!! We sure did have fun and I told one of our ladies this morning that it was just what I needed! Everyone laughed so much and the Lord really gave me a light heart! Truly, a merry heart doeth good like a medicine!!!

Here is my new cancer do! I did save my hair and although I do think it is cute, I did cry when Randy picked me up!!! After the hair cut, we went for a walk in one of the local parks. We took our pooches with us. Enjoy!



HOW TO WALK A DOG (Christa's way)


lilygracebanks said...

I LOVE your new hair!! It looks really good on you. Hope you had a pretty good day.

HOPE said...

I love your new "do"! Did you try any of the new pretty hairbands?

What a gorgeous place to take a walk and refresh your mind.

THAT dog is just tooo cute..yep that is about the same dog-walk training my Gus likes! LOL

I can't keep that song I Believe out of my head..Such a wonderful message! of course it's right here too! both message,song and Testimony!

God Bless you with His comfort and care!



Dear Kelly, your hair looks just beautiful!!! The park, what a great ides! I find myself always refreshed after a purposeful look at God's wonderful creation, the birds and how he takes care of them, all that He has made and how they grow. The same it is with you, dear one. connie

Robert Gilley said...

I did not even know you had this blog. I have tears in my eyes reading about the cancer and the upcoming surgery and your godly spirit through it all. You're precious. I am praying. Love you.

Heather Gilley

Tessa said...


Love your hair! I sure do miss the Ladies Homebuilders Fellowships -- especially at Christmas -- you always give such good messages for us to apply to our lives -- and the reindeer game -- well, the video says it all. It was great to see all the familiar faces -- although it really made me miss Okinawa! I'm glad you had so much fun -- you surely needed some laughter. I love you and am praying for you. Thanks for being such a blessing and an inspiration to me!

Tori said...

Oh wow, I super love your new do. The haircut makes you look so much younger.

What a beautiful place to walk, is it warm there now?

anyhow, you look beautiful!
I'm praying!

Virginia Harris said...

Your new look is very cute, Kelly! Praying for you!