Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update on Hope

I talked with my friend and she was home by Friday evening.  She is feeling a little dizzy (is it really the meds?), but otherwise pretty good.  She won't know the results for about 10 days.  Keep praying for her!  Hope, glad you are home.  Sleep well!


Nancy M. said...

Glad you are home Hope...Praying
for you...
Thanks for the update Kelly. Praying for grace and strength today.

Paula Micheal said...

Kelly, thanks for the update.
Hope, praying for you!


HOPE said...

Thank you Kelly for posting about sweet! I'm still fighting the sleepyness..but atleast I have wonderful helpful hubby and my dog GUS wil NOT leave my side!

Praying FOR YOU..always.

Abounding Treasures said...

Thanks for the update on Hope ~ I've been thinking of her this past week and especially yesterday ...

Blessings to you too and your family!