Friday, February 5, 2010

Hair and Duct Tape

This week on Monday, my hair started to fall out.  By Tuesday it was coming out in handfuls.  Tuesday morning I received my scarf from a place called  They are a wonderful group of women that have a program called "Good Wishes".  They sent me a FREE beautiful silk scarf already made into a wrap for easy wear.  Not only did they send the scarf, but they hand signed a beautiful card!  Please take time to visit their website!

On to my hair story!  After getting home from school on Tuesday, Randy was nice enough to shave my head.  He was so sweet and did a wonderful job.  Reassuring me the whole time that I was still beautiful!  (Yeah, Right!).  When we finished the whole hair thing, we went in to get some office work done.  There on my desk was a beautifully wrapped package.  I noticed right away the little sticker that held the bow down.  It said "House of Rose".  I started to cry!  Two years ago we found a mall down by the capital city of Naha.  In it was a store that sold everything rose scented.  They happen to sell Crabtree & Evelyn products, something I LOVE!!  Crabtree & Evelyn make a rose perfume that I love!  When I put it on I always feel so feminine.  Like I am a size 6 with beautiful tiny features and lovely skin!  However, due to the cost I have never owned any.  As I opened the package Randy told me how he had gone to the mall the day before as he wanted me to have it on the day I was ready to cut my hair. What a great man the Lord has given me!  He has just been wonderful to me through this whole ordeal!

The next morning when at school the boys were very quiet as they entered the classroom and saw me in the hat.  After they settled down for opening assembly, I asked them, "So, do you like my hat."  Cameron said, "No.  I liked your hair."  I tried to lighten up the moment again and asked, "What color do you think it will grow back as?"  Sam said, "Gray."  I said, "NO!!  My hair has always been straight!  I want it to grow back blonde and curly!!!"  Kids are so honest!

I know you are wondering, "What about the duct tape?"  Well, if you are like me, you have a dad and a husband that think duct tape is the "fix all" for everything!  I mean if it can't be fixed with duct tape, then it just can't be fixed!!!  Imagine my families surprise when I told them about the latest use for duct tape I learned on!!!  That's right, a group of ladies have figured out that duct tape helps to pull those hairs out that are on the verge of making a mess of your pillow, house, and bathroom drain!  This morning as Christa stood in front of the bathroom mirror straightening her beautiful brown hair, I stood on the other side of the mirror applying duct tape to my head!  Then I would pull it off and voila, hair, lots of hair!!!  This duct tape routine allows you to get the hair off before it starts falling like snow!  Christa and I had a wonderful time laughing about describing my morning routine to others.

Before I go I thought I would post a picture of me in one of my new hats!  The Maxey family sent this to me.  Isn't it beautiful!  Praise the Lord for providing so many neat things to make this hair loss somewhat enjoyable.  I have always loved hats and now have a reason for wearing them!!! 

Thank you for joining me on my journey today.  Have a wonderful weekend!


Tori said...

Oh Kelly, my heart breaks for you. I think I'm more sad for you than you are. :0)
Your strength during this whole ordeal is unbelievable. I'm in awe and have learned so much from you.
I pray that we can meet some day on this side of heaven, I have several hugs for you.
Hang in there. BTW, I never notices what a beautifully shaped face you have. I think the clean shaven look is good on you. You have such pretty eyes and I never noticed them before.
BTW, that husband of yours is something!!

Nancy M. said...


I LOVE you new hat! You look beautiful inside and out! And..the duct tape story is so cute and funny yet practical for those going through these treatments....You are showing that life goes on with what
God has given...What a blessing you
are to so many...
What a precious love story you and your hubby have also...
I will continue to pray (for curly hair later on ) and for you.
Thank you for sharing this journey
today to help so many..
love, nancy musser

HOPE said...


truly you have the lovely face for a HAT! and I'm so glad you have always liked hats and will actually enjoy the other "many" hats you will a Pastor's wife/missionary you have already worn the many hats of servitude and in those you have also shown that lovely SMILE that brings joy to so many.

I agree...such a LOVE STORY you have shared. Praise GOD for Randy in your life! GOD knew the beginning to now..and the great need you would have.

Your SMILE...makes my day! I LOVE YOU!


All I can say is, You are an amazing woman Kelly. You do things with such flair. God bless you and I wouldn't be surprised if your hair doesn't grow back blond and love you. connie

Paula Micheal said...

You are amazing! May God bless you during this time.

Love you,

Susan said...

You look beautiful! Your face is so radiant, your smile so big and glowing - they set off that hat beautifully. I admire your strength and sense of humor so much! :)

Keith and Julie Loveless said...

MY mom's hair was a light brown, but came back very curly and black! It did slowly change back to its original color, well, that was before it turned gray, although that was many years later.

Stedfast Baptist Church said...

We are praying for you. What a blessing you have been to the ladies in our church.

Stedfast Baptist Church
Groton, CT

McGuire Family said...

Ok, so I'll admit,there is this secular song that I like because of the words, "You Can't Hide Beautiful," it fits you! You are a beautiful person inside and out and I am privileged to know you and be with you during this journey you're on! You are such a blessing to all who know you but.... you set the bar sooo HIGH! I am encouraged everytime I see you, I love you! BTW, you really looked classy last night at church!

Anonymous said...

I'm here visiting from Watering Wells of HOPE and she is right, you *are* a blessing.

And I think you look beautiful. I agree with Tori, you have beautiful bone structure. And a wonderful husband. (o: