Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Journey This Week

Philippines, Visit from my sister, and 2nd chemo battle!

Randy is in the Philippines for a missions trip.  He is with two of our men from here.  Br. Banks has surrenedered to be a missionary and wanted to go with my husband to visit our missionary Sam Heidenreich in the Philippines.  Also, Brother Carmel Capucao is from the Philippines and wanted my husband to spend some time with his family and him in a town about 5 hours from Manila.  They have seen the hand of the Lord and had 1000's saved!!!! 

Randy Preaching


Randy and The Sam Heidenreich Family

Our men weeping.

My husband's trip made possible by a visit from my sister, Gwen!!  It has been so wonderful to have her here.  She arrived on Sunday night, so we had a couple good days together before chemo.  Tuesday evening we met with the ladies of the church for a meal at Macaroni Grill on one of the bases.  (yes, we are suffering for Jesus!) 

Our ladies at Mac Grill

Gwen, me, Christa

Wednesday at 9 am started my 2nd chemo session. Blood counts were good so chemo started on time.  Missionary wife, Heidi Gardner, drove us to the hospital.  She and Gwen were quite entertaining.  They decided that my chemo buddy, Spot, should be photographed with all the people that helped us that day!

Spot and I                                                         Spot, Gwen, and Heidi

Spot and my chemo nurse                                              Spot and my chemo nurse from last week

     Spot and Check Out Ladies                                 Spot and pharmacy tech

                       Spot and the pharmicist
I seem to be doing better this round.  The nausea is under control.  My hair is almost all gone, but the Lord has provided some wonderful hats through good friends and family.  Thank you to all who have helped out in so many ways, for:  driving, making meals, providing hats, sending goody boxes, writing notes, making phone calls, emailing my family and me, supplying wigs, ... 


Nancy M. said...

I am so glad your hubby got to go to the Philippines. What a blessing!
I am also glad your sister came to
be with you. You all look great esp
Spot!! Praying for you...
love, nancy and many at FBC

HOPE said...

Okay...hands up! You paid back big time...I AM CRYING!!!

PRAISING THE LORD for all the GOOD we are SEEING!!!!

If I could shout from the house tops and get away with it..I would!

I am so elated at all the GOOD that is coming your way...

and..I'm so glad SPOT showed up to make me laugh and stop crying!

Your sister is beautiful like you!

I love to see the pics of all the church ladies..and my daughter! Praise GOD he put HER also where SHE needed to HIS timing!


I love you Kelly...and thanking the LORD for this wonderful post! It made my day!


Keith and Julie Loveless said...

Praise the Lord for the grace He's given you. Your testimony is a great encouragement. Keep smiling.

Paula Micheal said...

Hey Kelly,

Just stopped in a for a few minutes. Enjoyed reading your post and seeing the pictures. You Have an awesome Testimony! May God bless you during this time (and your family). I'm praying for y'all.
Love you,

Angel~a said...

I am so very, very happy that Gwen is able to be there for you. What a blessing! Your hat photo is adorable and you still have that beautiful smile in each photo I see of you.

Tori said...

You always amaze me. I don't know where you find the strength! I'm sure I'll pull encouragement from you and your story for years to come. I'm so glad I found you!!

BTW, you look like you're having way too much fun through his whole thing. Is it suppose to be that fun? You almost make cancer look like a good thing. BTW again, love all the hats you've been sporting, looking good girl!

Praying for ya!!