Wednesday, February 24, 2010


What a GREAT visit!

There is something wonderful about a sister who will spend 24 hours flying to see you and then spend most of the time at the hospital and keeping you company in your sick room!  It is hard to believe that Gwen is already back in Jacksonville and working!  She landed in Florida on Saturday night and was back to work early Monday morning.  The two weeks just flew by.  That was the longest we have spent together in probably 10 years.  There isn't much to report about her visit as we spent most of the time in bathrobes and on my wonderful king size bed just visiting.  I really needed her visit and I miss her immensely.  Someday maybe the Lord will allow us to have mansions next to each other!  Please pray for her as she tries to adjust working with jet lag!  I have just a few more pictures to share with you.  Enjoy!!
PS  I love you, Gwen!


Nancy M. said...

I am so glad you and your sister got
to spend time together! What a blessing you both were to each other.
I have 4 sisters and we are very close...I remember spending time with my sister Kay with her cancer
laughing and enjoying life together.

Take care I am praying for you...
You look great in your pictures.
love, nancy
PS My first comment didnt go through so hoping this didnt post twice. LOL

HOPE said...

Oh my...the pictures made me cry...Such wonderful reflections of LOVE and comfort...

Gwen's note on the side made me cry sweet. I'm praying for you too GWEN...wish I could have met you! You don't live far from me...maybe you can make a trip up to see US sometime! We're here if you ever need us..just ask Kelly Anne how to reach us.

You look Fab..Kelly Anne!


Tori said...

Oh Kelly, how blessed you are to have such a wonderful sister who loves you so.
I'm so glad she got to come and be with you. You're lucky to have her and she's pretty blessed to have you.
Praying for you girl! I mentioned you last night in prayer meeting here in Croatia.
Keep smiling, you're more of an encouragement to us than we are to you!!

Cheryl said...

Sisters are amazing!

Don't know if you remember me or not (maybe just my sisters... smile) but Gwen contacted me after 25+ years through facebook last week and told me about your battle. I am praying for you! May God continue to give you strength and courage for each new day.

Cheryl Franzen Vandegrift