Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, a minha madrasta!!!

Happy Birthday, Annetta!!
(This is my favorite photo of you!!  I love your laughing face!!)

Today is my stepmother's birthday.  I've never liked the word stepmother as it seems to bring about such bad connotations due to those fairy tale books with all of the ugly stepmothers!  When we learned Portuguese, I decided I liked the sound of the word they use - Madrasta - and decided to use it when referring to Annetta.  The problem is that then we moved to Japan and no one has any idea what I mean when I say that Annetta is my madrasta!  Oh well.

Dad and Annetta were married in June of 1980 and I actually sang at their wedding - (they surely didn't know what they were getting into!).  Through the years Annetta has had to endure many things that she could have avoided had she not married into this family!  We have some wonderful memories through the years and I have several photos that I will be posting of those times.  Her life is not without it's own struggles.  Annetta lives daily with a disease called myelogenous leukemia.  She has stuck by my Dad through many difficult times and some pretty major health issues.  She has endured his never ending desire to renovate even if it meant sleeping in a basement or not being able to park the car in the garage.

I love you, Netta.  I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane with some of these photos!!  As Carol Burnett says, "Thanks for the memories!!!"

The picture above were from a time we met in Florida  in January of 2004.  We visited the Kennedy Space Center and St. Augustine.  We had such a great time together! 

Randy took Christa to college in September 2005 so Dad and Netta came to stay with me.  Dad got sick just a few days after arriving, then Netta and I.  We had such a great vacation just reading, watching old movies, and laying around!!  What a relaxing time!!!

In the Fall of 2007, we all met up in California!  Doesn't Netta look great?!

Christa has so much fun with her Grammy!  This is at Christa's graduation last May. 


HOPE said...

How nice to be introduced to your family....I also have a wonderful Madrasta...and don't like to refer to her as my stepmom either..she is much much more than this word reflects..she's been a mom to me many times..and a great Grandmother to my children.

Love the CUTE laughing photo..brings a SMILE as soon as you view it.


God bless you with a good year ahead..


Nancy M. said...

What a sweet tribute to your Madstra
What a wonderful lady she is!

Happy Happy Birthday to Annetta!

Praying for you. I was sharing your
testimony to someone in my SS class
yesterday who is fighting cancer and
had been very ill with it. I think you encouraged her with what you have
been through...thank you.

love, nancy