Friday, April 23, 2010

Latest Treatment Update

First of all, I want to thank ALL of you that emailed Christa on her birthday!  She has had over 120 emails come in wishing her Happy Birthday and thanking her for the care she is giving her mother.  What a blessing that was for me.  I was up first and then when she opened her bedroom door she said, "Mom, I have over 50 emails!"  That was so exciting!  Then she went out into the garage as a little birdie told her father that there would be a package in there for her.  It was a very nice casio keyboard!  What a BIG surprise!  Then she opened the gift from our extended family and Randy and I.  We had a cup of coffee together and then scrambled to get out the door; her to school and us to the hospital. 

I had my blood work and all was very good.  Then I went to see the doctor who looked at my extreme swelling and ordered some more tests.  My heart test was very good.  I did lose 16% heart function, but I still have 70% left so all is good.  The kidney tests were also good, so the swelling is just a side effect of the chemo.  It is not enough to stop chemo and I really didn't want to delay.  Finally I got to the infusion room and settled down for the herceptin.  This is the target therapy that directly attacks my HER2 type cancer.  The infusion went by without a hitch and I was up on the ward by 1 pm.  Christa came around 3:45 pm to switch places with her dad so he could get ready for the evening service.  The kids surprised Christa at school with a cake and a very nice gift.  The nurses on the floor thought Christa was beautiful!  My two chemo nurses from downstairs came up to check on me before heading home.  I was ok.  By 4:30 pm the high fever, chills, and nausea had settled in.  Around 6 pm my nurse watched Christa help me through a few rough moments.  Christa knew exactly what and when I needed something.  What a blessing to have her by my side.  The nurse brought some meds back that helped immensely and by 6:45 pm, I was asleep.  Christa had to head home at 8 pm and then Randy stopped by after church.  I don't remember much about the visit, but I do have a vague memory of a kiss!  My fever stayed quite high for most of the night.  At 5:30 am I woke up and went for a walk around the ward.  I felt MUCH better and my fever was almost gone.  Randy came around 8 am, as we were told they would start the chemo at 9.  However, I didn't have a treatment until 1 pm.  By 4 pm we were headed home.  I have had no nausea from the taxotere!  I do have extreme muscle weakness and pain, but no nausea!!!!!!  I am praising the Lord for this. 

Well, that is the latest update.  Thank you to all of you for praying and thinking of us.  I appreciate all the emails, cards, calls, and gifts!  I especially want to thank you again for being a blessing to our very special daughter on her birthday! 

Galatians 6:2
Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.


HOPE said...

What joyful happy for Christa...she deserves ALL the blessings..

So sorry to hear of the affects of the meds..but Praising the LORD it passed...

Hugs and lots of love to you...
(saw my NEW Oncologist..and so happy with him. God blessed!)


I want you to know that you are always in my prayers and I wish that I could do more but that is in God's capable of Hands. I am looking to the day when all this will be just a memory and you are able to do all the things that you so wish to be able to do. Thank you so much for showing us how that God's Grace is ENOUGH. LOVE, love you, connie