Sunday, May 16, 2010

6th round DONE!

Only Two More to GO!

Last Wednesday I had my 6th round of chemo.  It was the 2nd round of my new type.  It went very well.  I had a couple good days on Thursday and Friday.  I did have a flush reaction to the meds, but benedryl seem to take care of it.

Friday night our church family threw a surprise 50th BD party for my wonderful husband!  It was an Hawaiian theme as Hawaii was 50 last August.  We were supposed to be having dinner with one of our families in the church and as my hubby headed for the elevated, the whole group jumped out from the Community Room and yelled, "Surprise!"  I stayed for a bit and then went and laid down upstairs in the McGuire's apartment.  It was an even extra special blessing as Dr. and Mrs. Mike Cox, our pastor and his wife, were here for the surprise!  Christa did a lot of work and also made the cake!

This month we are having a missions emphasis month and yesterday after the morning service we had an international dinner.  I was not able to get out for the last two days, but they did bring me some food back! 

Well, I need to go and get something to eat.  Time for my steroids.  I will leave you all with some photos!


Nancy M. said...

So glad your on your 6th round of chemo....Your doing great and have so much strength. I will keep praying though for you..

What a surprise for you all with the birthday party and Dr and Mrs. Cox.
Christa did do a wonderful job. What a jewel you have there!

Take care my friend.
love, nancy

HOPE said...

Congratulations and making it to round 6! You are a trooper Kelly Anne and such an inspiration to so many. I am so thankful to the LORD for this going so much better for you now.

Looks like a fun b'day and the cake is tooo clever!

Christa is indeed a JEWEL...far above rubies! Some young man one day will be very blessed!!

HUGS your way and my prayers always..wanted to call but the time throws me off...