Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday to the Best Husband in the World!!!

I can honestly say that my husband grows better with age!!!  Thank you, Randy, for all you do and for loving me just the way I am.  Through this battle with cancer you have loved me and honored me unconditionally.  You are truly a wonderful representative of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. 


HOPE said...

Happy Birthday Brother Johnson!!!

Thank you for the great example of a loving husband in such a trying have been a great comfort to Kelly Anne for sure!! Just as a friend...far is so nice to hear of the testimony of a Godly man who loves his wife and as Christ said he should.

God bless you both...and hope your birthday is a wonderful day filled with many blessings...

and..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY..late..Kelly!!

Nancy M. said...

Happy Birthday Bro Johnson!
Kelli, you look so cute in the picture with you and your hubby!
praying for you.
love, nancy