Friday, May 28, 2010

Some of Our Former Members

The last couple days I have received a lot of correspondence from some of our families that have transferred to other parts of the world.  I wanted to share some of my memories and some of their recent pictures.

The Hill Family transferred to England 2 years ago.  They were here in Okinawa for 5 years and were some of the people who voted us in when we came here.  Eli just lost some teeth!

The Banks family left us in February for Georgia.  We surely do miss them.  Gracie and Lily are so adorable!!

Beautiful soul and wonderful heart
You’ve been a blessing from the start
Lovely singer and faithful wife
You’ve glorified God with your life
Wonderful mother and awesome teacher
Married to a crazy ole Baptist preacher
Stacy Brooks

This is Matt and Stacy Brooks.  They are our newest family to transfer to California.  Soon after my surgery in December, Stacy wrote me this poem.  We miss this sweet couple and I know some church in California is going to be blessed by having them in their congregation.

Thanks for letting me share!  We miss and love all of our families and member that have gone on from here.

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