Monday, June 7, 2010

Job 23:10 But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.

One of our dear sweet families                                                     Christa &  I at Sams By The Sea
took us to dinner at our favorite restaurant!

Baby Adam and I!!

One of the hardest thing about this battle is not being able to keep up with the ministry here!  This work is a wonderful, rewarding, and busy life!  I love it!  I hate not being involved in it as I used to be.  My health has just gotten to the point where I have just a few good days a month.  I try to push and do, but this old wretched physical body will just NOT cooperate!!

So the decision has been made that we will be taking a medical furlough on September 3.  We shed many tears about this decision and it was NOT an easy one.  The Lord has shown us that this is His definite plan for us at this time.  We will be basing in the Cleveland area where our home church and mission agency are located.  I am going to be going to the Cleveland Clinic for my medical care.  It is commong for them to see patients from out of the United States.  Also, it is a center where I can be involved in some clinical studies which helps to ease some of the cost of treatment.  I will finish my last chemo here in Okinawa on June 23, which is the date we landed in Okinawa 6 years ago!  However, I still have my biological target therapy until at least next April. 

We will be continuing as MISSIONARIES!!  This is something that the Lord has NOT released us from and I know we would not be happy doing anything different.  During our furlough, Randy WILL be doing meetings at our supporting churches and I will travel with him as much as my health will allow.  We are excited to see some of our former members that transferred off of Okinawa and are now in good churches around the United States.

Christa will have a change also.  She has been hired to teach in our home church's Christian school!  She is excited, but very sad about leaving her friends and work here in Okinawa.  She leaves for Ohio on July16.

Please be in prayer for our church, our family, and the work involved in moving!  One last thing, there is a lump on the other side.  My doctor examined me on my chemo day last week and this Thursday I will be having some more tests.  Please be in prayer about this.  I will let you alll know when I know something! 


HOPE said...

Always praying...and KNOWING that GOD has a plan and his perfect will is done. You ARE and continue to be an ispiration and help to so many...

God used you...for me..REMEMBER...and now I am a breast cancer survivor! Thank you!!

It's a blessing to know that God can use us wherever we we yield to his will and purpose.

Love and hugs..

Aubrey said...

Hello~ I am both happy and sad for your family! I will be praying for you often for your health and these changes that are coming in the future. May God grant you much peace during this time.

Susan said...

Being missionaries ourselves, we know the difficulty of making the choice to take a furlough. I'll be praying for you and your family as you transition back to the US for a while . . . and for that new lump. Keep on keeping on! :)

Tori said...

Wow, isn't it funny how fast things can change in life. I'm glad you're taking a furlough, it'll be good for you to rest a little.
I know everyone will miss you enormously but us in blogville won't cause you'll still be blogging, right???? Yea, right!

BTW, we're due for a furlough at the end of this year, maybe we'll be able to meet somewhere. I would love to meet you.

I'm praying about the new medical news and for you!!!

The Loveless Family said...

"Where God Guides, He Provides" was a song I learned when I was a little girl. The song itself has left my memory, but that phrase has stayed with me always. You are in our prayers. We have been here in Kenora, ON only five weeks and already I can't imagine ever having to leave. Also, I will ask my husband put you on our churches prayer list. God bless you.