Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Psalms 28:7 The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.

This week felt a little odd as we moved out of our home and prepared to finalize our time in Okinawa.  In our ministry we are usually the ones being left behind while the Lord moves others away.  Even if the Lord allows us to return to Okinawa, our congregation is ever changing and we will have all new faces by the time our furlough is complete.  The process of saying goodbye started last Wednesday when I had my last treatment here in Okinawa.  My nurses were all there.  They have been so sweet to me and such a blessing.  I gave my chemo nurse, Keiko, a TY Breast Cancer bear.  She was so happy and excited.  I gave Spot to one of the other nurses that works in the infusion room and has been wonderful about trying to communicate with me.  She always comments on Spot, my chemo buddy, and pats his head every treatment.  These ladies always brighten my day.  When I had my first herceptin back at the end of April, I had to spend one night in the hospital because of the side effects of that first dose.  After their shift was done, they came upstairs to my room to check on me.  My doctor was on vacation this past week, but we will go in Monday morning to say goodbye and thank him.

Tomorrow will be our last Sunday at Foundations Baptist Church.  I have no idea how I will get through that day, but I know the Lord's grace will be sufficient.  We will miss our church family here very much.  Over the last few days I have been remembering all of the people that the Lord allowed our paths to cross during the last 6 years.  Sometimes I feel like I have been such an unprofitable servant for my Saviour.  I don't know if I have made a difference in anyone's life, but I know that MANY people have made a difference in mine. 

My father is doing better.  He is in rehab and the nerves are starting to reconnect in his left leg.  His left arm doesn't seem to be progressing as well.  Please pray for his arm and also for the extreme sharp pain he gets in his leg every so often.  I talked with him on the phone the other day.  It was the first time since we returned to Okinawa.  He was talkative, informative, and full of conversation.  I am anxious to see him again.  My madrasta, Netta,  is doing well.  She is such a blessing to me.  So many times you hear horror stories about what families do to each other during difficulties like these.  I am very happy to say that we have none of that fighting and bickering.  Netta is doing a great job and we love and appreciate her very much!!

Thank you to everyone for praying for us.  Please do NOT stop!  We need the Lord to continue working out the details of our medical furlough.  He has already prepared so many things for us and provided in many ways.  My first appointment at Cleveland Clinic is on September 9th at 2:30 pm.

I guess that is all the current info.  Have a wonderful week and remember not to "miss the journey for the destination."

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Home? Not sure that I have a physical address that I would call "home" right now. Our house here in Okinawa is almost completely packed. Tomorrow, August 9, our container arrives. My hubby will commence to pack it on Tuesday with the help of Br. McGuire and some wonderful teenage "volunteers"! The containter will depart around August 15 for its month long journey to Cleveland. Christa is in Ohio and busy trying to locate a place for us to hang our hats when we land on September 3.

We settled my father into a nursing home/rehab facility on Friday, July 30.  On August 2, we landed back here in Okinawa and August 4 I had my next Herceptin treatment.  August 23 I will be having a heart scan and August 25 will be my next Herceptin treatment.  September 9 at 2:30 pm is my first appointment at Cleveland Clinic with the doctor specializing in my type of breast cancer. 

Please continue to pray for my father, Ron Wagner. He is paralyzed on his left side.  The doctors are amazed at his memory and speech.  Pray for my Madrasta, Annetta, as she faces many new challenges caring for my dad.  While in the States, I did get to see my brother and sister-in-law.  Also, my oldest sister Carol was able to make it up from Chicago for a day.  My nieces and the great grandsons met us at the rehab on Saturday.  I haven't seen them all for years and it was wonderful to renew our relationship.  They have the cutest sons!!!!

I guess that about raps this up!  Below are some pictures from our time in Minnesota.  You will notice that my hair is starting come in quite nicely.