Saturday, August 7, 2010


Home? Not sure that I have a physical address that I would call "home" right now. Our house here in Okinawa is almost completely packed. Tomorrow, August 9, our container arrives. My hubby will commence to pack it on Tuesday with the help of Br. McGuire and some wonderful teenage "volunteers"! The containter will depart around August 15 for its month long journey to Cleveland. Christa is in Ohio and busy trying to locate a place for us to hang our hats when we land on September 3.

We settled my father into a nursing home/rehab facility on Friday, July 30.  On August 2, we landed back here in Okinawa and August 4 I had my next Herceptin treatment.  August 23 I will be having a heart scan and August 25 will be my next Herceptin treatment.  September 9 at 2:30 pm is my first appointment at Cleveland Clinic with the doctor specializing in my type of breast cancer. 

Please continue to pray for my father, Ron Wagner. He is paralyzed on his left side.  The doctors are amazed at his memory and speech.  Pray for my Madrasta, Annetta, as she faces many new challenges caring for my dad.  While in the States, I did get to see my brother and sister-in-law.  Also, my oldest sister Carol was able to make it up from Chicago for a day.  My nieces and the great grandsons met us at the rehab on Saturday.  I haven't seen them all for years and it was wonderful to renew our relationship.  They have the cutest sons!!!!

I guess that about raps this up!  Below are some pictures from our time in Minnesota.  You will notice that my hair is starting come in quite nicely.


Nancy M. said...

Hello Kelly,
So glad to hear of all going on...
I will continue to pray for your travels and well as your treatments before and for your dad and Madrasta,

so glad Christa is settling in as well...thank you for sharing your days please know I care and think and pray for you often.
love, nancy

HOPE said...

Look at your HAIR! Praise the LORD!!! I can't wait for the CURLS!!!

I can bet the gal in the yellow in front of you is your sister...look alikes!!!

Love the pics..precious moments!

I'm so glad that you were able to see so much family...the LORD allowed this reunion...all in HIS plan...WE BELIEVE TO SEE THE GOODNESS OF THE LORD...

so happy to hear of your dad's memory and speech!

Praying always...daily...with HUGS in my heart too!

Love you Kelly!

Tori said...

Hey Girl,

I've been waiting for an update. So glad that your Daddy is okay and recovering. my dad also had a stroke and was paralyzed on one side but he recovered fully and I'm sure yours will to.

You look wonderful! I see the hair is growing back. At least it didn't come back black and curly like some people's does.
I'm excited about this new time in your lives, I know God is gonna use it to renew you and your family. A fresh breath for a new time.

You're a wonderful testimony and I'm so blessed to have meet you even if just in Blogville.

BTW, what is Madrasta?