Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pray for my dear friend, Teresa Harkness.

Philippians 4:7  And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

I don't know about any of you, but it seems the devil is fighting very hard and it is through our physical, temporary bodies.  A few weeks ago we were up visiting our friends, Pastor and Mrs. Abberger, in Lakeview, Michigan.  My husband's family lived in Michigan and we would attend Pastor A's church when we were visiting family during Randy's leave time from the Navy.  That was in 1991.  We have grown up with the young families and none of us is really that "young" anymore!  The Harkness family is one of those special ones.  Br. Harkness copied hundreds of tapes with the audio Romans Road in Portuguese for us.  We used to hand these out with tracts in the Azores as the illiteracy rate was so high.  Teresa had fought ovarian cancer a few years back and she was such an encouragement during all of that.  The weekend we were up to Lakeview, Teresa was sick with what she thought was the flu and so I didn't get to see her.  Last week they found a large brain tumor and flew her to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where this last Tuesday she had brain surgery.  I spoke with her last evening!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it!!!!!!!!  She was such an encouragement to me.  It is cancer and she will now have to have chemo and radiation.  What a difficult thing that is to face after already going through these treatments in the past.  I pray for strength, endurance, and continued grace for you, Teresa!  You said it right last night, He doesn't give it to us until we need it.

Two weeks ago we were in Deleware, Ohio, for a missions conference.  The preaching was challenging, the love they showered on us was unbelieveable, and the fellowship was so refreshing!  Thank you, Grace Baptist Church for a wonderful weekend.

We are settled in our home and for the first time in 12 years, ALL of our things are in one spot!  What a miracle.  I had only 1 plate break during the shipment.  We have a lot of unpacking to do, but for now I am doing NO more!  Thank you to my in-laws who drove all the way from Florida to help us this week!!!  We love you and are so greatful for you and all you do for us.  Another BIG thank you goes to my 20 year old nephew, Tom.  He flew up from Florida to help us also and we have worked him to death!!!!!!!  I had not seen Tom in over 6 years and he has really grown up.  He really is a delight to have around.  Thank you Gwen, for letting come and "hang" out with us.

This morning is my next treatment.  The day we were moving in, one of my new neighbors, Tina, came over to visit and meet us.  It turns out she is a chemo nurse at the Cleveland Clinic Campus downtown!  I told her about how they didn't like my Japanese port and she said, "That was you!  We talked about you in the break room the other day and how scary it was that you had a port that didn't get blood return."  Yep, I am famous ALL over!!!!!!!!!  Tina also battled breast cancer a few years ago and we are on the same hormone treatment that causes so  much pain.  I can't help but know that it is no accident that the Lord put us right next door to each other!! The last few days I have been battling sores in my mouth and bleeding fingertips.  Not fun, but really just an annoyance.  Other than that, we are doing fine.

We have several meetings coming up and will be travelling.  Pray for strength and good rest.  Pray for Christa as she holds the fort down while we are gone.  Also, please continue to pray for the situation with my Dad and Madrasta.  Annetta really needs to find a place for my dad and also funding!!!!!!!!!!  I never knew until my dad's stroke, but insurance will only cover a few weeks or months if you push.  After that you are on your own.  Pray that Annetta has peace in her decisions.

Thank you to all who read this, pray for me, write me, call me, think of me!  It means more than you know!!


Anonymous said...

Praying for you, your dad and your friend!

Love you friend,

HOPE said...

Rejoicing over all the GOOD that GOD has and is doing for you Kelly Anne..what a blessing and so right about the LORD putting that nurse/BC neighbor there for you BOTH. I'm sure YOU will be a huge blessing to her also.

So sad to hear about your friend Teresa..and will be praying for this dear Saint...

and your dad's situation..

Take care and ENJOY the journey for the destination!!! God has certainly sustained you and used you ..and continues so..PRAISE THE LORD.

(send me your NEW home address!)

Nancy M. said...

It was so good to hear an update on things..I prayed for your sweet friend Teresa. She is quiet a lady to go through so much...
I prayed for your physical self and those painful days...and for Christa who is holding down the fort.

I love how you Praise God throughout your days....He sure loves and is caring for my friend Kelly.
love, nancy