Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daily Benefits 11/10/2010

Eddie and Christa around 1991
One of my FAVORITE photos of all times!!

Wow, my heart gets full just thinking of what I am going to put down for my benefits today!!!  What about you!  If you send me some of your benefits, I will post them!

Safety as we travelled from Connecticut to Ohio
A home full of great smells, comfort, and my own bed!!
A wonderful daughter who learned how to cook and what makes a house a home.
Getting to go see my Dad!
Heat on chilly mornings!
Blue sky and sunshine!
My puppy running around so happy to see me!
A neighbor who understands what I am going through and has some helpful advice for the pain!
The great medical care I received in Okinawa!
His Word that always knows just what I need for the minute/hour/day/week/year/lifetime!
Shopping in an American store and not needing a pass!
A husband that loves me even when I am unlovely!

What about you! If you send me some of your benefits, I will post them!


Nancy M. said...

You are a blessing....
Thanking Him for my husbands health
after a strong battle last month
Thanking Him for a husband who works hard no matter what...
Thanking Him for 3 children who all love the Lord and serve Him each in a special way...
Thanking Him for 2 precious grandchildren...
Thanking Him for a Great Church FBC and a Pastor and wife who love and teach with His Word and their own lives...
Thanking Him for friends no matter where they live or time I spent with them....
Thanking Him for my health and the daily strength to go the next step!
Love, nancy

HOPE said...

Thanking the LORD that our paths crossed Kelly Anne.

..that you are doing as well as you are...

..that HIS GRACE is ALWAYS sufficient...

...a SAVED husband that is faithful in all things... children and grandchildren..

...the wonderful friends God has placed in my life..

...the encouragement of GOD's WORD and the Saints of GOD..

The list can't you know!!

I am most thankful that the LORD...sent someone my way to give me the Truth of the LORD JESUS and the free pardon of sin and eternal life.

Blessings to you...

Our7isheaven said...

Awwww. I so remember them at that age.... Y'all use to ride to church with my parents Christa was always such a sweet little girl. I thought Eddie was one handsome little boy!
You are blessed with such wonderful children!!