Monday, November 8, 2010


Have you noticed that every year the Thanksgiving section at the store gets smaller and smaller?  We go from Halloween directly to Christmas and skip over one of the most important holidays on our American calendar.  Could it be because we, even Christians, are not as grateful for the things we already have???

Psalms 68:19  Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.

Yesterday in Mrs. Patty Peslak's Sunday School class in Connecticut, she shared how she had determined to praise the Lord everyday this past year in writing for the things He had blessed her with.  What a GREAT idea!  So many of us, including me, are more than willing to share our trials of everyday!  Why not our blessings?  I decided that I wouldn't wait until January 1 to start, but I would start it this very day!  So everyday on this little blogspot, I will share a list of the many benefits He has provided for me each day!  I want to be grateful and I don't want to take anything for granted! 

My list of "daily benefits" for November 8th:
My first snowfall in America!!
The beautiful colors of fall in New England!
A thoughtful daughter who listens to the leading of the Holy Spirit and wants to be generous with her time, talents, and possesions.
A Book, The Bible, full of wonderful comfort!
A Saviour who will transform my life, if I let him.
The change in my father since the stroke.  He went from a man of few words to a man of many words.  I love it!!
A madrasta that loves my father and is doing her very best for him.
A beautiful relaxing hotel room provided for us by the church here.
A goody basket from someone in the church full of chocolate from Trader Joes!!
A Garmin GPS system from someone in the church to help us get around!  Too cool!!!
Beautiful bouquet of Fall flowers!
Warm boots!
The best husband and companion anyone could ever ask for!
Cool, curly, thick hair - thanks to chemo!
A morning with less pain!
A new name, Megan, written down in Glory!!!

How about you??  Can you think of something to be grateful for???  I could have written much more.  Once your heart starts praising, it just can't stop!!!  Hmmmmmm, maybe that would help some of us get through those rough days?  Ya think???


HOPE said...

MY GREATEST...THANKSGIVING of all is being a Sinner SAVED by GRACE! Oh the merciful kindness of our Great Saviour!

Thankful for this lovely photo of you posted..for GOD's GRACE upon you...

for my husband who is faithful in EVERYTHING! Praise GOD.

for the JOY set before us!

as my blog says..THIS IS THE DAY..Let us REJOICE!!!


Anonymous said...

I so agree with you Kelly, I love Thanksgiving an never can find something new for the new yr. This yr we did/are doing 5 things we're thankful for each day all the through the month of November.

Love you Paula