Friday, December 17, 2010

Great News!!

So my appointment was yesterday with the oncologist.  The spot in my lung has remained the same since the beginning, so it is now officially "nothing to worry about"!!  Whooo Hoo!!!!

I do have fluid in my lung.  This is probably a result of my heart meds for irregular heart rate.  Will see a doctor in January and maybe she will change the meds around.

Everything else is doing wonderfully!  Keep praying.  We will be travelling and doing several meetings until the middle of January.  Then Randy and a couple other men will be flying to Okinawa for 10 days.

Have a wonderful Christmas season and remember to spread the good news that Jesus left Heaven, came to earth and lived in the flesh, lived 33 years, and then went to the cross to pay our penalty for sin so that if we CHOOSE, we CAN have eternal life!!!  Praise the Lord!!


HOPE said...

REJOICING and Praising the LORD for his goodness to BOTH of us this year...

So happy for the good news Kelly!! and your endurance and faith.

God's Grace is sufficient..and as you have never runs out!!

GOD BLESS you with an even better NEW year!!
Love and hugs

Nancy M. said...

What a journey you have been on my dear friend...God with you by your side for all to see...I am rejoicing with you...Whoooo Hoo!
Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday as you travel and New Year to come!
love, nancy

Deborah said...

Praise the Lord, Wonderful news! I KNOW you'll have a joyfilled Christmas!

Tori said...

Hey there my friend!!
I'm so glad you are ending 2010 in such good shape. I hope your meetings go week and maybe, who knows maybe we'll meet up somewhere between here and there!!!