Friday, December 3, 2010

"He had bigger hands than me."

I have had times when my Bible study, prayer time, and walk with the Lord has been tedious - out of duty -knowing that in the end it was the right thing to do.  I am always blessed by my time with the Lord, but not always as right with Him as I should be.  Lately, it seems as though my walk with Him has been extremely sweet.  God is so patient with me and He just waits until I come back around!  The other morning I was reading in my devotion time and came across this story:

A little lad went with his mother to an old country store.  She parked him in front of the counter where the candy jars were all lined up.  While the clerk filled the mother's order, the boys eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger as he viewed all the delightful things in front of him.  As the mother got ready to leave, the clerk told the boy to reach in with his hands and grab some candy.  The boy shyly shook his head no.  The mother urged him and the boy still would not reach in.  Finally, the clerk reached in with both hands and held out the candy to the boy.  The boy stuffed his pockets with the candy.  The mother questioned the boy when they got outside about why he wouldn't reach in and get the candy.  The little boy said, "I waited, mother, because I saw he had bigger hands than me."

This little lad is so much wiser than I am sometimes!!  This last week I had an opportunity to be reminded about how big God's hands are.  I am just like any other woman - I want my house to match and everything to be just so.  I have to constantly battle the urge to buy what I "need" and not wait on the Lord.  Such was the battle happening in my heart the day after Thanksgiving.  I was at Kohl's and my cart was packed with rugs for the bathroom and other odds and ends.  Slowly the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, I had prayed that morning and asked the Lord to help me resist buying things that were not important.  The Holy Spirit said, "Dec 1st is coming.  You know that you have no idea what your support will be and there are people that are depending on you to help with some needs.  If you buy these things, will you be able to help the way the Lord wants you to?"  Thus began the great "redeposit onto the shelves" adventure.  My friend helped me by doing the running, I was wiped out.  I managed to make it out of there with one item that would end up costing me $10.

A couple of days later, I read this story about the little lad.  The Lord reminded me that His hands ARE bigger than mine and He provides me so much.  Yesterday after arriving home from a meeting, there was a BIG box sitting in my living room.  A friend had said that she was mailing my gloves back that had inadvertently been left in her car.  As I looked at the box, I thought, "These gloves really got bigger and heavier!!"  We opened the box and there were the rugs I wanted for my bathroom in just the right color - red!!!  There was also a set of snowmen flannel sheets (I LOVE snowmen also).  My husband received a Starbucks gift card, Christa received a Starbucks mug, and I also received a Starbucks mug!  I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!
The mug says, "Stories are gifts - Share"
Wait on the Lord, He has bigger hands!!
That's my story for the day and I'm sticking to it!!


Nancy M. said...

What a sweet story....I love it!
God is real in Kellys life!
love, nancy

Susan said...

What a sweet blessing! :) Thanks for sharing your gift!

Deborah said...

I loved the story, and your testimony of God's goodness to us!