Saturday, August 20, 2011

What About Kelly??



Our trip and meetings in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan were wonderful!  We also had the awesome privilege of doing some camping!  My wonderful sister in law allowed us to use her trailer for the summer and it has truly been a blessing to be able to rest in between meetings and also to stop and nap when I need to! 

If you don't know by now you will learn that I LOVE LOONS!!!  I have so many pictures to share.  The Lord sent a loon by our campsite three times in one day!  He knows all of our desires!  Even though I have a dear friend who said that watching my loon video was like watching paint dry, I will be posting my videos in the future also!!

As you can see, my hair is growing back like a house-o-fire!!!  I have had quite a few doctor appointments since our return the first week of August.  I will be seeing a doctor on Tuesday and will share after that appointment just what is happening with this shell the Lord has given me to care for during my journey on this earth.  I do have so much more energy, but still not where I want to be.  It is frustrating that I just can't push my body like I used to.  It quits on me, no matter what my will tells it!!!  I think the hardest thing for me is my inability to concentrate.  I told someone recently that I don't mind being a back seat driver just so long as I can do from the passenger seat in the front!  Please pray for me concerning this.  We are staying quite busy with meetings and I have started on my book.  I am a little nervous to say that, but it is exciting at the same time.

Our time in the UP was a sweet time of fellowship with the Lord and each other.  We spent much time reading our Bibles and then sitting around the campfire talking about what the Lord was doing in each of our lives.  Do you all know how much I love my husband??  I LOVE him more than I can put into words.  I love that we both want the Lord to work in our lives.  I love how he is so consistent in his living for the Lord.  I love that he takes time to listen to what I have to say.  I love how he enjoys shopping with me and doesn't roll his eyes or get frustrated with me when I comment about every little thing I see.  I love that he loves to drink coffee with me in the morning as we listen to the world around us wake up.  I love that he loves me in good times and in bad times.  Thank you LORD for a wonderful husband.

Well, so much more to share with you, but time is up for me today.  I would like to leave you with the verse the Lord gave me in my Bible time this morning.  Today is a day I am having to push my body and quite honestly, I was feeling sorry for myself.  However, the Lord knows my frame.  I need to trust Him and not override what my body is telling me.

Psalm 105:6  Seek the LORD, and his strength:  seek his face evermore.

I need to be resting in HIS strength, not my own.  May you find rest for your journey through HIS strength!


HOPE said...

In a hurry and saw the photo..

You look the curls and all...AMEN. for the SMILES and lovliness.

I'll be back to READ...

Thank you Kelly for the sweet comment, prayers and friendship..though afar. One day we'll be together in GLORY LAND...FACE TO FACE.


Deborah said...

Amen! That is the verse God gave me at the beginning of this year. I even wrote a song for's at Lyric Devotions.
It's so good to hear from you...the photos are wonderful, and you look great!

Nancy M. said...

I looked at your photos today. I love your pictures...What blessings of life you are enjoying...Sooo
happy for you.

love, nancy