Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Well, my lovely, unique, Japanese port is now gone!  The picture above was taken just before they took me back to start my IV.  I was so worried that they would make me have anesthesia, but they allowed me to have only a local.  When the doctor put it in in Japan, they only used local and I was quite fine.  The space that the port took up is healing nicely, but they had to do a lot of tugging as the skin had grown quite attached to the port.

Today our home church is flying us to Connecticut for their missions conference!  We arrive back here on September 20.  On September 21, I have a special mammogram.  September 22 will find me in the operating room once again to take care of some spine issues that the chemo accelerated.  I am waiting to hear back from the genetic counselor as to whether or not I have the misspelled gene.  If I do, we will be making some decisions for future surgeries and long term treatment.  Please be praying about this for me.

Lastly, I appreciate all of you that read this, pray for me, pray for my family, send emails, post comments...I appreciate your support!!!  Keep praying!!!  and enjoy the journey!!


HOPE said...

Oh Kelly...you look FANTASTIC!!!

I love your hair..what a testimony of God's Grace..and strength in this journey of yours..and to SEE you look so well.

We will definetly be praying specifically for the surgeries...you are on our church prayer list and mentioned EVERY Wednesday if not more.

God bless and keep you always in his blessed care and will.

Love and HUGS

Nancy M. said...

You do look incredible...and with
Gods mercy and strength within you as well. I can only imagine this has been a long road but you have walked with His hand....
Not easy..I prayed..God gave strength and you listened...
love, nancy