Saturday, October 15, 2011

Please pray for my friend, Abigail Miller

This last February one of my very dear friends arranged for Abigail Miller to sing for our 30th wedding anniversary.  I have always been truly blessed by her music (it's playing on this page now) and never dreamed of meeting her.  After our anniversary, we made our way back to Ohio and found that the very next weekend the Miller Family was going to be at a church only 8 miles from where we are basing out of on furlough!  We spent much of March being Miller Groupies and had a wonderful time!

Monday of this week, the Miller Family arrived for a week visit!  Fun you say, not when the hostess gets sick the same day they arrive and by Thursday Abigail has found herself in the local hospital!  Looks like gallbladder surgery is required, but her pancreas counts have been through the roof.  They won't do the surgery until the counts are lower.  The Millers have a meeting in Michigan that they are hoping to make.  Please pray for Abigail's counts to go down, rapid recovery once the surgery is complete, and no travelling problems.


HOPE said...

Will surely be in prayer for Abigail. She is such a BLESSING to everyone by her music. I'd love to meet her myself. Aubrey met her when she first started singing in churches..many years ago. I think she might have had only one child then also.

Nice photo too!

God bless and hope you also are doing well.

Our7isheaven said...

Praying for this dear Lady.

Nancy M. said...

I will pray for Abigail..I love to hear her music on our 90.5 FM at FBC.
She has been a great blessing many times..