Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Month of Praise

A few years ago I was reading and praying about the November devotional for our upcoming ladies meeting.  There is a website that I love to go and get ideas, http://www.juliabettencourt.com/.  I don't always use her ideas, but they are always a springboard.  She had a theme entitled, "Fall Into Praise".  The Lord had really been dealing with me about just how much I complain, so I changed the emphasis to, "Fall Out of Complaining".  Complaining isn't something we plan to do.  It just sort of happens.  One comment leads to another and then another thought pops into our minds.  We come to church and someone asks how we are and we give them a list of everything that isn't quite right.  I noticed with our ladies that it doesn't start out with a list.  It starts with, "I am sooooooo tired" or "I have such a bad headache."  Some of us don't have to say a word.  We just come in with that look.  You know, the one that gets everyone to ask, "What's the matter?  What happened?"  Pretty soon we all gather together to talk about how difficult the kids were that day, the unexpected bill, or maybe that our husbands were late and dinner was cold.  It is so easy to "Fall Into Complaining", but it takes determination and humbleness to "Fall Out".

This month I am going to "attempt" to really praise Him for all that I have and how wonderful my life is.  Maybe you would like to join me.  Just post something on the side or send me a note.  We "Fall Out of Complaining" much the same way we fall into it.  We share, talk, smile, laugh, and we may even cry.  I am so excited about my journey this month!


This is really a carry over from yesterday, but I can't go a day without being thankful for the lovely sister the Lord gave me!  Gwen and I have been through many valleys and mountain peaks together.  Sometimes we love each other, sometimes we still even argue!!!  Yet, we always manage to forgive, laugh, and help each other.  Yesterday she turned......49!  Yep, I said it!  I am older so she will have to get over the fact that I published this on the world wide web! 

In February of 2010, she took time off of work and flew to Okinawa to help me through the chemo.  This allowed Randy to take a missions trip to the Philippines with some of our men.  It was a difficult time and a wonderful memory I will always cherish.  Riding in the car even made me sick so Gwen and I sat on the lovely king size bed a church provided in our bathrobes!  We read, laughed, cried, and slept.  The night before my 2nd chemo, the ladies of the church met us at a restaurant and we had a fun time of fellowship.  Gwen sat with me through the treatment the next day and started the tradition of having the nurses at the hospital hold Spot and have their pictures taken.  That night she and Christa sat vigil as the chemo took it's toll on my body.  When Randy returned home, he took us to a local tea house and shopping so Gwen would have something to show for her visit.  The night before she flew home we met with all of our married couples at my favorite restaurant and celebrated Valentines Day and our 29th wedding anniversary.  I will never forget those days with her.  I am thankful that the Lord knew I would need a sister like Gwen!

By the way, I love you, Gwen and someday we WILL travel on that bingo bus around the country!!!


HOPE said...

Great post Kelly..so true!

It's much better to go through EACH day finding a PRAISE to share!!

I remember the trip with your sister..The pic of you both is so pretty and what a wonderful sister to you!!

So glad to know you are doing well.

God bless and strengthen you daily..


Dear Kelly, I am thankful right along with you for your sister for I have six sisters and we have been so much together. My oldest is very ill today and in intensive care but I know that the Lord is right there with her and His will, will be done for her. I also love her very much.

I am so thankful for all the Lord has done for you and for all that He has brought you through. I love you and your sweet spirit.

I lost my old blog and that is one reason you have not heard from me in a while. I did start a new one if you are interested. http://heartforthesaviour.blogspot.com. connie

Our7isheaven said...

Love your post Kelly! Reading about all you've gone through and seeing my Mom go through some serious health issues. I am so thankful for friends like you, and for my awesome MOM!!
I cant think of once Ive ever heard you or her complain about your health, both of you have been positive all the way through. Trusting in God and depending on Him to bring you through.