Monday, November 21, 2011

Praise the Lord for AIRPLANES!

Landing on the Big Island of Hawaii to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary!
That was 6 years ago!!
Today my husband will board one of these fine machines in Brownsville, TX, and head home to me here in Cleveland.  What would have taken months in a covered wagon, or days in a car even, will only take a few hours in the airplane.  The airplane has really changed life for everyone.  Even if you have never flown or don't fly much, the airplane allows us to get products and news from other countries much quicker than when we only used ships.  This mode of travel now allows missionaries to visit their families and come home on medical furloughs instead of dying on the field. 

This week these flying machines will take many people, many places.  I love to watch as people are reunited with their loved ones.  Always makes me cry and always makes me feel good.  This is an exciting era of technology we live in.  May we be ever grateful and not take for granted the ease that we have as a result of this blessing. 

Happy flying and don't bother calling me after 5 p.m., 'cause I won't answer!!!

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