Saturday, November 12, 2011

Praise the Lord for Brenda Cox and a Wonderful Day!

Brenda picked me up this morning and we headed to a craft show at a local high school.  We finished with that before noon and headed to the IX Center for the Cleveland Fabulous Food Show!  There were several famous TV chefs going to be there, but it was extra to see those shows and neither of us had much money to spare.  While waiting in line to buy general admission tickets, a woman told us that we could go and get seats to the shows, but they were in the back.  We didn't care, so 30 minutes before Michael Symon's demostration (he is a Cleveland native), we got in line for the free tickets.  Securing the tickets we headed to find our seats.  To our surprise there were already people sitting in them!  We told the usher who told us that there had been a mixup and they had given too many of the same seat away.  She pointed to the burgundy chairs at the back of the $60 a ticket section and said that we could sit in any of those!!  YEAH!!!  We had so much fun and met some wonderful people!!!  I think my favorite booth was the new Dove chocolate booth.  They now do home shows and the ladies there were GREAT!!!  I think I will do one!!!

Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful day!!!

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HOPE said...

Glad you had such a nice normal day Kelly!! How nice the way it all worked out with such great seats for you both.

I'm happy for you to be looking so wonderful...I love your hair!! Very becoming on you...after all you've been through..a GLAM GAL!!