Saturday, November 19, 2011

Praise the Lord for HAIR!

Hair, glorious hair! The day my hair started falling out and my husband willingly shaved it off, I never thought it would ever come back. During those often dark days it was hard to imagine life having any semblance of normalcy again! Last year at this time, my hair was growing back and was quite curly, but I have to admit, I wasn't too keen on the new color! Today as I was getting ready for the day and drying my hair, I couldn't help but praise the Lord for what He has restored to me! I LOVE my curls and my color (now)! Thank you, Lord, for your goodness to me and for all the many benefits you lay on my table. May I never take them for granted!

 Day before hair removal.  It was already very dead feeling and falling out.

Duct tape hair!  I read and practiced that using duct tape helped to take the stray loose hairs out.  One night Christa and I got very silly and made a wig out of duct tape.  Proving my father right, duct tape will fix anything!

Hat over duct tape hair!

One of my favorite chemo hats!

Hair starting to return!  Steroids really made my face round!

This was taken 4 months after the photo above!  Do I look different? 



MStrickland96 said...

you look awesome!! You look SOO young! I love your curly hair. It's definitely different than the long straight hair we knew you with :)

Nancy M. said... has gotten busy and I know you were too over the summer...but I happened upon your blog again (its on my sidebar) and am so excited to see what God has done for you