Thursday, November 10, 2011

Praise the Lord for Loons (This one's for VAL!)

When I was almost 11, we moved from California to Minnesota in FEBRUARY!  It was COLD!!  The Loon is the Minnesota state bird and that spring I learned all about this lovely aquatic bird.  When we went on our trip to the UP this summer, I asked the God to let me see a loon.  We spent the first few weeks trying to hunt them down.  The Williams in McMillan had someone in their church take us on a boat ride just to try and track one down, which we did, but it was short lived.  Part way through the trip we went to Minnesota to see my father.  We returned to the UP after a week and I was wiped out and weary.  My husband decided that we would stay at a state park on Lake Gogebic.  The year of Randy's cancer we had stayed there for a few nights and the Northern Lights had put on a spectacular performance.  We had a whole week to read, rest, pray, rest, walk, get the idea.  The first morning as we sat in our zero gravity chairs what did appear, but the ever ellusive loon!  He appeared again in the evening.  In fact, he appeared everyday, twice a day! 

I know the Lord was trying to teach me, "Be still and know that I am God."  When we quit chasing the Loon, there he was coming to us as we sat relaxing and waiting.  This year has been the year of learning to "Be Still".  I've already mentioned in previous posts how this does NOT come naturally for me.  May I continue to learn the lesson from the Loon experience, and may I apply it to the path the Lord has me on now.

Today I am putting one of my videos and a couple pics! This may bore some of you (only the shallow ones), but oh well! Thank you, Lord, for the nature that you have given us to enjoy for free! May we always be good stewards and caretakers of what you have given to us!!


MStrickland96 said...

I love the loons :)

Our7isheaven said...

Love it!!

val said...

that video is just so peaceful and it's so relaxing watching that graceful creature!