Sunday, November 6, 2011

Praise the Lord for My Darling Daughter

Soon after we got Christa.  She didn't smile much the first few weeks,
but that has all changed as you will see in the next photos!

Today is a great day for thanking the Lord for giving us our lovely daughter.  Well, any day is a great day to do that, but I'm going to put it on the blog today!  December is fast approaching and many people are already caught up in Christmas!  What a shame how many people skip over making a big deal of Thanksgiving.  Oh well, for a different post.  Anyway, every year as December approaches I think about the day that Christa was given to us the week before Christmas!  What a treasure the Lord gave us that day.

We would not have made it through the chemo and having a Christian school without her.  Now, she continues to help us and has chosen to stay with us and be a blessing.  At 25 she could run away from home and there would be nothing I could do about it!  Praise the Lord for her decision to honor her parents. 

I love you, Christa and am so proud of your servants heart!

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Our7isheaven said...

Christa has a beautiful smile!!!