Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Praise the Lord for My Dear Friend, Val!

Val on her school bus in her "Kelly" shirt

Val and I praying at teen camp
Getting ready to depart camp

At our surprise 30th Anniversary weekend
What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had!  The Adkins family from Christa's church came over for the afternoon.   Br. Adkins beat my husband at chess and Mrs. Adkins beat the rest of us at Phase 10!  One of the highlights arrived late on Thursday evening, my dear friend Val!  Her family was in PA doing their annual "get ready for hunting" and "going hunting" season.  This gave her an opportunity to spend some time with us enjoying her annual "shopping black Friday" season.  She doesn't like a lot of attention so this is going to embarrass her probably.

Val and I met a few years ago via the web when we talked over skype.  She attends one of our supporting churches in Connecticut and she just loves missionaries.  Last year upon our return to the States, we started to get to know each other as friends.  She has been a great blessing and encouragement during this time of furlough.  Val does a lot behind the scenes (she likes it that way) and I appreciate her friendship.  Many are the days that she reminds me that I am where the Lord wants me and not to be discouraged about being in the States.

Thursday night she arrived, took a shower, and off to Kohls we went at midnight.  Went back home for some sleep and then Friday afternoon did so more shopping.  Saturday we headed to Charming Charlies (a must for any discerning woman), P Graham Dunn, and the Cheesecake Factory.  We even made a pit stop at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company for a caramel and goo covered apple!!!!  Sunday it was church, a movie, and Christmas decorating.  On Monday we were whipped and rested most of the day, lounging around talking about what we were studying in our Bibles.  Her last morning was Tuesday.  She was up, dressed, had my office put back to "pre-Valerie", and was out the door around 8 am. 

Whooooooooooooooooooo!  You get the idea!  It was a GREAT holiday weekend.  So wonderful to have a friend like her!  Thank you, Lord for Val!

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Nina in Portugal said...

Praise the Lord for precious friends like Val!

Happy Christmastime to you....Hope you're feeling well.

Nina in Portugal