Friday, November 4, 2011

Praise the Lord for Sunshine!

I know that rain is a very necessary part of God's creation, but it seems like lately we have had enough to last us a long time.  This area of the country even set a record this year!  Rain gives me an excuse for staying in and getting those projects done that I have been putting off.  This morning however, was a time for sunshine, bright and beautiful.  The fall colored leaves seem to glisten under the rays of the warm sunshine. 

Sunshine and rain are the contrasts in my life also: 
"Sometimes it seems the rain will never end. 
My life is blown about by stormy winds,
but God has promised He will see me through
until the sun comes out and makes my life brand new. 

The sun will shine again, the sun will shine. 
As sure as night brings day, joy will be mine. 
Dark clouds may hover, but soon they'll pass away."

Praise the Lord for the sunshine that comes after the rain and enhances the beauty that the rain created!

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