Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good Reports and Change!

Thank you, Al and Val!

I haven't done so well with this "Month of Love"!  We have been travelling and haven't had very good internet access.  Maybe next year.  Just so you know, I LOVE my husband more than ever and am so thankful for him and all he does to make my life easier!!

In November and December, I was having a little issue with weight loss.  I recently had a test and it ruled out cancer and ruled in diverticulitis.  This is much more manageable than if it had been cancer!  Hallelujah!!  Also, on February 2 I had a visit with my oncologist and everything looks great.  No sign of disease.  I still have the nodule and in June they will do a CAT scan to see if it has changed.  At that point, it will be a whole year past my infusions and we will know if it is something to be concerned about still.

Thank you to all for your prayers.  I NEVER take them for granted.

Now for the big news, we are moving to Connecticut.  Randy will be partnering with our home church, White Oak Baptist Church, and FirstBible.  He will be the New England representative for this wonderful mission.  We just returned from a trip that finalized the arrangements.  Dr. Keen, founder of FirstBible, has cleared everything and we are in the process of getting updated prayer cards and letterhead.  The people of White Oak have been a tremendous blessing to us.  I am excited about being able to be more active in our home church.  They have helped us secure a place to live and are helping to make the arrangements for our big move the end of March.

We will keep you posted.  If you would like to visit the website for FirstBible it is:

If you don't see us on there yet, no worries.  They are waiting for an updated picture which we are having taken this morning!!!

Well, that is my journey of late.  Praying that all of you are enjoying your journey also!

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