Sunday, February 19, 2012

Three Decades!

Taken this last week.

Dr. Evans, our college president, always used to say, "Men aren't measured in years, but in decades."  What did over 3 decades bring to our lives?:

1st Decade:
Before we were married 5 years, we had buried my mother, my husbands grandparents, and adopted our son.  The next five years were relatively quiet.  During that time we adopted Christa, moved to Michigan, back to Florida, then we moved to Maine where we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  I thought, "Smooth sailing from here.  Randy has a good career in the Navy, we have our children.  What else is there to do?" 

2nd Decade:
Hmph!  My husband was called to the mission field.  By the time we celebrated our 15th anniversay, we had gotten out of the Navy, moved to Indiana, graduated Bible college, and started missionary deputation!  What a fun whirlwind that was!! 

3rd Decade:
We celebrated our 20th anniversary in London for one night on the way back to our home in Portugal following our beloved pastor's Heaven going.  Just one month later, Randy was diagnosed with thyroid cancer that had spread to his lymph glands.  Randy had two surgeries and radioactive iodine treatment.  In 2001, Randy was treated for cancer, my father had a massive coronary and survived, and I was diagnosed with a benign bone tumor!  I was so glad when that year was over!  We enjoyed our 25th anniversary on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The 5 years prior had seen heartache and joy once again.  I had saliva gland tumor surgery, our son had gone to Heaven, and we had moved 15000 miles to Okinawa, Japan.  December 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Surgery, chemo, and a move back to the States mark the years since that December.  My dear sweetheart cared for me, loved me, made me laugh, and sacrificed his "vision" for my health. 

4th Decade:
Wow!  I can't even imagine that!!  4 decades with my husband!!!!  The Lord has given my husband a new "vision", me healing, and a new place for us to serve!!  Not sure what this decade will hold, but if it is like the last three, we will have joy, heartache, mountain tops, and valleys.  I know the LORD will carry us through the times when it is too difficult to stand or walk.

Happy 31 Years of marriage, Randy!!! I can honestly say that I love you more today than I did when we first began. Only the LORD knew what would happen in those 31 years. Thank you for honoring the vows you took standing in front of your parent's fireplace in 1981.  It is a wonderful journey!! 


IslandGirl said...

Happy Anniversary mom and dad!!! I love you so very much!

Our7isheaven said...

Happy Anniversary to a very special couple!!! Love you, Paula

Jolene said...

So glad you found my blog! Welcome, and hope you come back for a visit soon!

I spent a little while reading on your blog. You have such a sweet testimony... hardships, yes... but I see you constantly giving God the glory and praising your husband. Such a sweet blessing!