Sunday, May 20, 2012

May Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Pastors & Friends,                                 
 March found us packing up once again. We had a successful move to Connecticut and are now settled in our “new” home (built in 1911) and busy travelling and scheduling meetings for our new ministry. Our journeys took us to 4 meetings in April. At one of the churches in Ohio, we are rejoicing that their faith promise doubled from last year. Praise the Lord for using us to see 8 saved, 1 baptized, and many at the altar making decisions for world missions! 

Kelly had her first appointment with the oncologist at the VA Hospital here in New Haven. She reiterated that Kelly has a “poor prognosis” and that we are reaching the critical time for recurrence. We have a Great Physician and we ask that you please continue to pray with us for complete healing.  
Kelly and I are thankful for our supporting churches which have chosen to continue to partner with us in our new ministry. We are excited to see pastors and churches here in New England already taking an interest in the opportunity to reach the “unreached people groups” of the world through our ministry with FirstBible. Jesus commanded us to, “…Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields;…”  
A POINT TO PONDER: What do the following people groups, though some are separated by 1000’s of miles, have in common: Urdu, Rito, Hakha Chin, Farsi, Thadou, Chakma, Zotung, and Boro?  
  1. They all are part of the “10/40 Window”, an area of the world that stretches from Western Africa to the Philippines between the 10° and 40° Latitude lines.
  2. They are part of the 85% of the world’s languages which DO NOT have a Bible… yet. 
  3. These are the current Bible projects underway that we are raising funds for at this time.  
Do you support a missionary in one of these countries? Would you pray and consider adopting one of these language groups to pray for and give financially to that they could have a Bible in their own tongue? God’s people working together can make this happen. We are available to come and present one of these projects to your church. If we do not do something about this great need, who will?
Looking at the teeming billions without the Gospel can be a bit overwhelming, I agree, but our Saviour Jesus Christ gave us a command to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” So here is our opportunity to believe our God for what seems impossible.
We are rejoicing about the most recent projects finished by FirstBible which include: 
  1. Nepali Bible – Was dedicated and presented to the Nepali people on May 2nd by Dr. Keen.
  2. Burmese Bible – Type reset of the Judson Bible; 20,000 Bibles, 70,000 New Testaments; one million John & Romans finished.
  3. Greek Thessaloniki project – 500 whole Bibles and 100,000 Gospels of John completed. 30,000 Greek New Testaments are being bound at this time. $10,000 is still needed to fund the shipping of this container.
  4. For more project details, including those listed here, go to the project section of our website. 

Please pray for continued access to these people groups and the funding for the translation and publishing of Scriptures. Please pray for us as we strive to make this ministry opportunity known here in New England and that more churches will get involved with us in reaching “the uttermost”. Your support of our family is important to us as it enables us to “get the word out”, which by God’s grace will affect potentially billions.
That All May Know Him,

Randy Johnson

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HOPE said...

Hi Kelly!

You are always in my thoughts and prayers...sorry for not keeping more in touch.

You contiue to be a great INSPIRATION...and as my Alison said..

Beautiful..inside AND out!

Keep me up on your health...
and your new address

Love and hugs...