Friday, May 18, 2012

New York City

What a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend we had!  My Madrasta, Netta flew into Laguardia on Friday.  Saturday was our Mother/Daughter Luncheon at the church.  On Sunday, we had wonderful preaching by our pastor, Br. Mike Peslak.  My family gave me a beautiful pink jacket and my dear friend Val gave me a shirt and the bling to go with the jacket!!  Monday we were off to see New York City.  I realized that I still don't have the stamina I used to have!  It took me nearly 3 days to recover.

The luncheon was so much fun and Christa and I had a great time entertaining the ladies.  I sang "Senior Favorite Things"; Christa and I sang, "I Saw Jesus In You"; then my darling daughter and I did a fun skit about a Southren Pic-i-nic!  The food was fabulous and prepared by a fantastic lady in our church, Claudia!  She knows how to do a party!  Our pastor's wife, Patty, was the perfect hostess and I loved the presentations she put together of famous missionary wives!  Mrs. Kelly Beck, pastor's wife from Groton was our special speaker.  She spoke on "Attitudes" (ouch!)

What can I say about New York except, BUSY!  I am so blessed that the Lord has not required me to live in a city that is so hectic!  It was fun to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.  We visited Ground Zero and I couldn't help but think as I watched all the people pass by in a hurry to get somewhere, do any of them stop as they walk by and remember the day that was so horrible in our country?  Do they ever stop and think and pray for the many families left behind to grieve?  Do we ever stop to think about those around us that are hurting and grieving everyday?

I enjoyed the journey the Lord had for me this week.  What about you?  Are you missing the journey trying to get to your destination?  Maybe you are enjoying the journey so much that you fail to think about the TRUE fact that there is a final destination coming.  Are we ready for that destination?  I believe Jesus is coming soon!!  Here is a link that will explain more.

Enjoy the pictures!
Our Pastor's Wife

Christa, Netta, Kelly



Ms. Beck and daughters

New York City

Netta, Val, Christian, Kelly, Christa
Lady Liberty from Empire SB


Dearest Val and I

Where's the Christmas Tree??

Ground Zero and the new Freedom Tower

Times Square

The LOVE of my life!!!

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HOPE said...

I love that last pic of you and Randy...very nice!!

Looked like a fun luncheon..NY...eewww..I am tired looking at the busyness of it all...signs everywhere...too crowded for me...

but souls of care for.

Yes..stop and think about Ground Zero...and our Soldiers. I was told today of TWO who have died in war. Think of these dear wives today in prayer.

Love and hugs