Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, little Sister!!


Gwen came to Okinawa during my chemo.
My "baby" sister turns 50 today!!!  I must tell you all that she surely does NOT look it or act it (sometimes we wish she would).  I pray she is having a GREAT day, although she has to work.  I wish I were there in Florida with her to take her to dinner and make a cake, but alas the Lord has not allowed it!  One of the great things about my sister is that she has never charged God for putting my husband and I in the ministry.  She has never whined or complained that we have had to live far apart from one another all these years.  She is always happy at the time we get to spend together.  Thank you, Gwen for being a sister that understands.  I love you and welcome to my decade!! 

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