Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Psalms 147:7  Sing unto the LORD with thanksgiving; sing praise upon the harp unto our God:
It is hard to believe that a whole year has passed since last we focused on being thankful!  I know many of you won't appreciate this, but I hate how Christmas now starts in September!!!  I feel like we have become a culture that takes its blessings for granted and would rather skip the part about being grateful to our creator God for all that He has supplied throughout the year.
Today I want to focus on my many blessings!  Thank you, Jesus for my salvation.  Thank you that you first loved me and gave yourself for me!  You are the GREATEST giver!  Thank you, Father, for my wonderful husband who is today in India serving you!  Thank you for airplanes that will bring him back to us next Wednesday.  I ask that you use him this week to accomplish your purpose.  Thank you for my children!  I love them so much and am grateful that you gave me a baren womb, but not a baren home!  Thank you for my parents.  They showed me a set of values that have helped me through life.  Thank you for their love.  Thank you for my in-laws, who raised a son that is a wonderful husband, father, and most importantly, a servant.  Thank you for my siblings and my husband's siblings.  Thank you specifically for my sister Gwen.  When you took Mom to Heaven, you strengthened our relationship!  Thank you for my many friends, but today especially for my dear friend Sue. She keeps me focused on what is important, YOU!!
Thank you for allowing us to serve you these many years.  Thank you for White Oak Baptist Church, our new place to serve.  Thank you for the love the people have shown to us!  Thank you for this opportunity in India.  May we be responsible with it.
Thank you for the many material things you provide for us.  Things we need and things we don't need, but want.  You are truly a Great God!!
Hotel view in Rhode Island
Our first snow!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Wild Journey With "Sandy"!

This week brought many challenges into our lives! The largest one was Hurricane Sandy!! I thought that when we left Okinawa and moved to New England that our days of high wind worries were over. We battened down the hatches, filled our larder, and prepared ourselves to sit cozy inside our 100 year old house for the storm to finish its destruction.
At about 7 PM Monday night (winds were pretty fierce and many of our friends had already lost power) our Asst. Pastor - Brother Levine texted and asked if he could come over and print something out. He arrived in a flurry of wind and I noticed that it was a paper to give to the hospital when his wife Krista went into labor. As he prepared to depart, I asked him if Krista was in labor. He told us that she had been having pretty regular contractions. We had a discussion about how to get them to the hospital in the storm and it was decided that we would take them in our SUV as it would be higher off the ground, heavier, and just an all around better vehicle for getting to Yale/New Haven Hospital.
Forty-Five minutes later the phone ring and our household went into action. The Levines only live 1/2 mile away and that was a pretty easy drive. The ride to the hospital was a totally different story! The leaves were about a foot thick and there were actually snowplows out on the road to push trees and debris out of the middle of the road. Randy was driving quite fast as he has never had to take a laboring woman to the hospital. He was driving as if she was going to have the baby any second. I explained that he could slow down as it would probably be tomorrow morning before the baby was born. Randy breathed a sigh of relief and slowed down as he dodged another branch. Just about five minutes later we came to two very large pine trees that had come down across the road.  Randy had to drive over the tips of the trees to pass on the road.  Finally we arrived and Krista Levine was indeed in labor.  My husband went home about 1 AM to check on the house, on the dogs, and to get some sleep. 
Six Thirty arrived on Tuesday morning, October 30, and so did our beautiful little Kyarra Belle weighing in at 8lbs 5 oz and 20 inches long.  Praise the Lord for safety, health, and a wonderful bundle of joy!  The Levines have asked us to be the adoptive grandparents.  Christa is an Auntie and we are Grandma and Grandpa!  We couldn’t be happier.
We never lost power at our house.  The church electricity came on just last night.  Some of our friends are still without power or phone service.  There are many that need help and encouragement.  Please pray for New England as they work through the trials of this journey with a hurricane.