Sunday, April 21, 2013

SON-ny Sunday - Happy Birthday, Christa!

It is hard to believe that it has been 28 years since I started praying for a baby daughter!  I remember when my mother passed away in March 1985, I asked the Lord to allow me to have a baby the next April around my mother's birthday which was April 24.  When July came and went and I was not pregnant, I thought that was ok as I could get pregnant in August or September and have a premie baby in April.  August, September, October and no evidence of a baby on the way.  Needless to say, I was so disappointed.  I cried and kept going.  April 1986 came and went and I grieved privately for the baby that would never be.  One day in October after I dropped Eddie off at school, I stopped at my friend Nan's house.  During my visit the phone rang and a young woman that we had met a few weeks earlier was on the other end of the line.  She told Nan about a baby that her sister was fostering and wondered if Randy and I would be interested in adopting her.  INTERESTED??  How about obsessed!!!  It took us a while to get a hold of the lawyer, but as soon as I heard that she was born on April 21, I knew that she was God's special and specific answer to my prayer. 
I can't imagine our family without Christa.  As you can see by the pictures above, she brings her genuine smile and joy everywhere she goes.  I love you, Christa!!  We are honored and blessed to have you in our lives! Happy Birthday!!!

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