Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Testimony Tuesday - Wonderfully Relaxing Weekend!

This place isn't just a catalog!!  It Really exists!  We went to both locations!

The Moose we saw in Vermont!
What a great time we had with Christa this weekend!  Praise the Lord for providing free lodging and so the only real expense was the gas to get to Vermont!!  The Lord cleared a path through the traffic on Friday so that we whizzed through Hartford!  Whoo Hoo!!!  On Sunday night after church, we pretty much had a wide open road again. 
First One
Do over cause Randy said my leg had to be up
It's not often we get family time together these days.  Christa loves her teaching job, but it is an hour away so she is only home on the weekends.  Well, in a pastor's home those are the two busiest days of the week!!!!  We didn't do anything super special except travel, sleep, take pictures, shop, and of course we had a nice giggle fest on Friday evening!!!  I don't know who taught Christa to be
so silly, but she is silly!!!!!                        
Thank you to Pastor McDaniels and the people of Bow Baptist Church for always being so kind and welcoming to us!  You make us feel so special!


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