Monday, June 24, 2013

Missionary Monday - A Time of Refreshing and Making new friends.

The Messersmith Family
 On May 24th Randy, Christa, and I, set "sail" on a journey to England!  Our first stop was in London where our dear friend and "daughter" Autumn met us at the airport.  We then met up with Pastor Messersmith who we would be with for the weekend.  Saturday was a bit of a fog, but Sunday was wonderful as we fellowshipped and worshipped with the people of Chiswick Baptist Church.  A very kind lady, Sheila, graciously opened her home up to us to stay in.  It always amazes me that no matter where we roam, we always make new friends with such great people! 

From the Eye of London
The Queen wasn't home!

Glad we didn't live during King Henry's reign!
Fortnum and Mason!

Going to Tea
 On Monday we travelled by underground to downtown London and the Lord gave us a lovely sunny day!  I am not a fan of hot weather and so I thoroughly enjoyed the cool days in England. We had tea at Fornum and Mason, a must if you visit London!  We also saw all the usual sites.  That evening we drove up to Autumn's home and were up early Tuesday for our next adventure.
Tuesday morning we boarded the train for Edinburgh with a few hour stop in York to see a FANTASTIC train museum!!!!!  If you don't know, Randy LOVES trains!!!  Now if he only had a place to set them up.  After the museum, we headed up the rest of the way to Scotland. 
Auty and I
Who are those CUTE girls?!
Wednesday morning  dawned bright and early, but with lots of sunshine!!!  Always a unique thing in Scotland!!!  Autumn scheduled a bus tour up to Loch Ness to meet Nessie and see the lovely Scottish country side.  Part way through the bus tour up at Rannoch Moor, there was a bad accident that delayed us two hours.  We were able to make it to the boat tour at Loch Ness, however, we could not go all the way to Inverness.  The delay caused us to get back to our hotel around 10 PM! 

Scottish Highlands!
We found  NESSIE!!!
Thursday morning we found that Autumn had been sick all night.  We still boarded the train back to her home and after we arrived, it was determined that Auty would stay home and we would travel to Newquay, Cornwall.  Randy and I were so excited about this particular part of the trip as we had been there with the US Navy 33 years ago for an airshow and wanted to see it again through "older" eyes!
We LOVE Pasty's!  Thank you to my Madrasta for teaching my husband the proper way to say the word!
Again, the Lord blessed us with sunshine for our time in Cornwall!  33 years ago it was cold, wet, and gloomy.  This time it was sunny and beautiful!  We stayed in a large B & B or a small hotel, whichever way you want to say it!  The people who own it are Cornish and remember the airshows.  We had fun showing them the pictures of our trip from 33 years in the past!
Our lovely stay in Cornwall!
View from back porch


The hotel we stayed in 33 years ago!!!!!

A perfect Galao!!!

Look what the miners dug up!!

Our last dinner in Cornwall and it was delicious!!
Content and happy!
Saturday morning we headed back to Autumn and some local sightseeing, including the John Bunyan museum (which was closed). 
Sunday we went with Autumn to her church.  Sitting there brought tears to my eyes.  While it is not just a military church, there are a lot of US military people in the church.  I miss our time in Okinawa with our families and singles.  I thought about how all of the military people in this church will one day be disbursed around the globe also.  That afternoon Auty surprised us with lunch at Jaime Olivers!!!!  It was wonderful.  Then off for a punted boat ride through Cambridge.  It was like a dream. 
What to choose!!
 Monday Randy and I got ready to head down by train and tube to our hotel for the night.  We had an early Tuesday morning flight and a hotel was the best option.  We said goodbye to the girls.......yep, we left Christa there!! 
Isn't it funny? I got on here to tell you all about Christa coming home, but found myself wanting you to know more of the details!!!!  Tonight we will pick up Christa from JFK (not my favorite place)!!!  I have so much more to tell you about our summer so far and then there is Christa and Auty's trip to Ireland, but that will have to wait for another day! 
I haven't said this in a while!  In our hurry to get to our destinations, we miss the journey sometimes.  The train ride to Scotland gave me much time to reflect on this.  Enjoy your journey!  The Lord has so much He wants us to do and see.  Don't hurry so much that you miss them!!

Did I tell you I took up fencing while in England??? (Debbie Black)