Monday, October 7, 2013

Missionary Monday - Full of Joy!

Wow!  What a week we had!  Last Sunday started our missions conference at White Oak Baptist Church and it ended on Wednesday....or did it!  God must have decided it wasn't over!  We had the privilege of having Brother Rafael Gomez stay with us at our home until yesterday.  He is a Colombian, saved through the work of a missionary, and going back to Colombia to plant churches.  The international flags were still up at the church yesterday and Brother Gomez gave a short testimony of his life and work.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with all the missionaries that were in the conference.  They were all such a blessing. 

I have a new friend, Sakiko, as a result of the missions conference.  Her sister-in-law, Haruna, was one of the missionary wives.  Haruna's brother and his wife live just 10 minutes from us!  Today I start English conversation with Sakiko.  She needs more practice with her English, although she already does a very good job, but she would like to have more time just talking to someone in English. Talking?  Talking? I can TALK!!  Praise the Lord for a new friend and an opportunity to help.
Thursday brought us a HUGE answer to prayer.  After much stress and a trip to NYC (not my favorite thing), I am now the proud recipient of a VISA to India!!!!  We leave on October 23!! I will try updating this blog throughout my trip, so keep checking back after October 23.
Well, off to get ready.  Before I go I would like to share with you a thought  that our pastor shared yesterday in church.  "Don't focus on the journey.  Focus on the God of the journey."  I still believe we should not miss the journey on our way to the destination.  However, there are many times when the journey becomes cumbersome and full of burdens.  Focusing on the God of the journey, allows us to make it through steep climbs and deep drop-offs.  If you don't know Him, just comment or send me an email.  No one sees the comments until I manually approve them.  If you comment and don't want it posted just let me know. 
So my exhortation to you the reader, Focus on the True God of the journey. 

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Tori said...

Wow, India? How exciting for you guys. What a mission field. More than a 6th of the worlds population lives in India, what a mission field!

Btw, glad you have a new friend. I hope to meet you one day and we'll be more than blogger friends.
Take care!