Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday - My BABY Sister

Mom and Gwen
 A Loooong time ago!
Gwen and I after Eddie went to Heaven - 2003

Netta, Me, Dad, and Gwen
All together!!  Gwen's Birthday 2007

Gwen and I the night before my second chemo.
Gwen flew to Okinawa to be with me.  She is always there
when I need a shoulder to cry on! February 2010

Gwen and Missionary Wife Heidi Gardner
These ladies were so kind to help Spot keep me company
during my second chemo.

Gwen and I at tea after my second chemo.
My Baby Sister!!!
Today is a very special day!  Today we celebrate my sister, Gwen!  You might get the idea from this post that Gwen and I get along wonderfully and without conflict.  That would be a very wrong idea.  We have had periodic conflict ever since we were thrown together and forced to share a room!  The really great thing about our relationship is that we have come to blows many times, but we forgive and move on.  I love Gwen more than I could ever express.  She is the only one in our families that has been to see us everywhere we have ever lived in this WORLD!  At the lowest points in my life, Gwen has dropped what she was doing to be there to help me through.  Gwen, I am very grateful that the Lord put us together so many years ago.  I love you and appreciate you more than you can ever know.  BTW, You know I'm always right!!!!

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