Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Our time in London was lovely and we enjoyed getting to spend time with our dear friend Sheila.  She is such a blessing to many and we have come to love her in the short time we have known her. 

My bud - Sheila
A walk and coffee - what more
could you ask for?

Pastor and Mrs. Esquibel - our last ministry stop of the trip.
What an enjoyable visit we had with them and their church.
We boarded our flight home and found almost half the plane was empty!  You travelers know how wonderful that is!  After take off, we moved around to give ourselves lots of space.  Our international flying was done on Virgin Atlantic.  I must say that they have been one of the best carriers in all of our travels.  This trip was different and a little more difficult with Randy on crutches and they did their very best to accommodate his leg situation.  Our plane landed early and JFK was a mad house!  Our dear friend Brother Levine picked us up.  We couldn't resist a stop at Wendy's on the way home for our first hamburger in over a month!  It did give me an upset stomach later in the night.  I went and unlocked the back door while Randy and Br. Levine worked at getting the luggage out of the car.  As I opened the back door, something on the couch moved.  I resisted the urge to yell and in a few seconds Christa stood before me!  She had taken Tuesday off so she could be home to greet us Monday night.  What a fun reunion we had.  I had to resist the urge to talk all night and Randy finally declared that it was time to go to sleep.
Today was my bi-annual cancer check up and as of today, all is looking great!  Tomorrow Randy has two appointments about the leg situation.  One in the morning with "Urgent Ortho" and then one in the afternoon with his primary doctor.  After Thanksgiving he will meet with his thyroid doctor.  Some of the blood work results came back while we were in India and it seems that they lowered his medicine too much, so back up they raised it.  We will let you all know when we get some answers as to the cause of this "insufficiency fracture" in his femur.
We took almost 1500 pictures on our trip!!  Last night we spent time showing Christa all of them and the videos. It was exciting to relive those memories.  Over the next few weeks, I will be uploading the pictures on to the blog.  Stay tuned!
Thank you to all of you that prayed for our safety, endurance, health, finances, and purpose.  The Lord blessed us so many ways.  I will leave you with a few pictures of the sunrise over the India/Burma border!
Here it comes!
Almost up!

The Sun still rises in the East.  Praise the Lord for the things
that NEVER change!

Departing Delhi - Goodbye India

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