Saturday, November 16, 2013

Leaving Delhi

See how happy we are to have electricity, internet, and hot showers??? We landed back in Delhi on Tuesday, November 12.

Our time in India came to a close on Wednesday, November 13. We just couldn't resist two stops in the airport! We don't eat at McDonald's since leaving Japan, but we decided to have a fish sandwich before boarding our flight to London. After lunch we headed for the Starbucks and as we rounded the corner for the coffee shop, we ran into (literally) a group of women from St. Olaf's College in Minnesota, my home state!! This college is known for their outstanding choirs. It was fun talking a little nasal Minnesotan!  

We landed safely in London and are already missing our dear friends in India.  This afternoon we took the tube and train up to Alconbury to spend the night with Pastor and Mrs. Esquibel. Randy will be preaching at their church tomorrow. One thing is missing, our dear friend Autumn who transferred from here last month!

Monday night I will sleep in my own bed! Whoo hoo!! There will be many more stories and pictures to follow.

We have been praying and will continue praying for the people in the Philippines. Our lives are so easy compared to many billions in the world! Praying they will meet the God of the journey if they haven't yet.

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Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.... I wish was there!!!! <3 Big hugs!! xxx